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Plantscape Solutions Thread

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by PlantscapeSolutions, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. PlantscapeSolutions

    PlantscapeSolutions LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,011

    Vickerman had a pretty good display area that you can see year round at the Dallas Market Center. I was hoping GKI/Bethlehem would have a decent display but it pretty much sucked. The GKI display was temporary but all they brought was a tiny bit of stuff and zero greenery.

    GKI said they have 6,000 square feet of space at the Atlanta show. The July show would be hard to go to but I may try to go to the one in the Feb time frame.

    I like the bows Vickerman has. They have eyelets for securing the bows.


  2. TimNNJ

    TimNNJ LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 321

    Hey glad to see the threads are alive!...I am looking forward to this years Christmas lighting season. Looking to stock up on basic materials in August and have everything lined up and on the calendar this year. We have been jamming this year exceeding all of our goals so far and should exceed sales goals by September leaving the rest of the year to really go after it. Hope all is well and try to stay cool.
  3. PlantscapeSolutions

    PlantscapeSolutions LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,011

    I just got some HD direct mail and it looks like the Houston event has gone from three days for $150 to one day for free. It's tempting to go for just a day for free but I wish it was on a Saturday so I could avoid the Houston traffic. Coming from the Austin area I have to drive all the way around Houston to get to the event which is not an easy morning task. Is anyone else pondering the trip now that it a free day trip?

    I already have the TNLA EXPO I'm going to in August in Dallas where I'm on the hook for three nights at the Omni so I don't want to spend any more money for a night in Houston. The EXPO realizes it much easier for contractors to get away on the weekend so the even is always Friday & Saturday now. They dropped Sunday this year. I'm sure the weekend convention space rates are more expensive.
  4. PlantscapeSolutions

    PlantscapeSolutions LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,011

    Unless I read it wrong it looks like the membership fee has gone from $1500 (lucky me), to $99, to free. Brite Ideas is still advertising $2500 but a few years back they had offered to let me in for free if I gave them the first order of my season. It looks like only Christmas Decor has been unwavering in it's $7,500 or so membership fee. CDI's focus on sticking with the traditional stuff has probably minimized any product issues although I'm sure at some point they too had some LED issues.

    Longhorn Landscape Lighting is the local Decor place in Austin. They don't even have a website. I don't understand how you can ante up $7,500 to buy a franchise and not spend anything on a website in modern times.
  5. PlantscapeSolutions

    PlantscapeSolutions LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,011

    Uline has a 35% off deal on heavy duty boxes if your looking to stock up and save. For guys doing a lot of volume that could be some decent savings.
  6. hotrod1965

    hotrod1965 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 587

    A website is so important! I just did a video about this!


    You can get a ton of leads just from your website, which is practically free.
  7. PlantscapeSolutions

    PlantscapeSolutions LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,011

    Saw this guy going down the road on 620 in Lakeway, TX today.

  8. David Gretzmier

    David Gretzmier LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,645

    Dara has always treated me pretty well. I have looked at the Cheyenne pine from vickerman before, and I think it has it's place in the market.

    maybe you can update me on what is the current foliage to foliage comparison, as my last trip to the dallas markets were a couple years back-And not to throw rocks here, but maybe I need to check out the vickerman larger wreaths again, because the frames I saw a few years back at the dallas markets were less heavy duty than HDY. mostly 1/8" steel rod rather than 1/4"

    I may have this wrong, but I also remember their 6,7,8 or 10 foot wreaths being of smaller pieces rather than two halves. sizewise, I remember the 84 inch Cheyenne being roughly the same diameter as the old 7 foot and now newly labeled 8 foot wreath from hdy. comparing the two, the 7 foot hdy wreath is, in my memory, way better looking and less see through, or more fuller foliage, and it had a much heavier frame to boot, along with being two halves instead of 4 pieces. I think the really big wreaths were more like 6 or 8 pieces.

    pricewise, I think the vickerman 84" cheyenne wreath was still about 35% more than the hdy wreath even after a multi thousand dollar order threshold was reached and a discount structure took place.

    now, the Teton wreath was a different story. it was more their "commercial line" -it was fuller and had a decent frame, but the foliage was fairly single color, and pricewise was about double hydy. I still liked the mixed noble foliage better. but looking at recent photos and specs, I am not sure that is the same wreath I saw. seems to be less tips-foliage and the frame more in line with the Cheyenne. looking at the internet websites, it seems the box for the vickerman teton wreath is listed at 30 pounds on several places. there is just no way that can be right. the hdy wreath is closer to 65-70 pounds.

    If you have some current Cheyenne and Teton stuff, can you compare it to current hdy stuff?
  9. PlantscapeSolutions

    PlantscapeSolutions LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,011

    Here are my three 36" Vickerman wreaths. I got the Cheyenne Pine (CP) on the left, the Camden Fir (CF) in the middle, and the Grand Teton(GT) on the right.

    The CP and CF came with M6 LED's that were not sealed which surprised me. The GT can with the 5mm conical lights.

    The Grand Teton is supposed to be the premium wreath but I like it the least. The wire used in the foliage is very hard and has almost no memory making it almost a futile effort to prep your wreath and get the foliage looking just right. The wreath has a disheveled look and there's not much I can do to fix it. It was supposed to be the most dense premium wreath but it's actually the most sparse. The lights in the wreath seemed like they were added state side to an unlit wreath. The lights wiring made prepping an already difficult wreath even worse. I would not recommend this wreath.

    The Camden Fir has really good density and the foliage has great memory. This wreath is very quick and easy to prep. I really like this wreath and would recommend it. I just wish it had the sealed light set.

    The Cheyenne Fir also has great density and should work great as a premium wreath. The foliage is very easy to work with and has great memory. I just wish it had the sealed light set. I recommend this wreath as well.

    Both of the wreaths I like could probably be prepped a little better for the pictures I took. You will like either of them. I will probably use the Camden as my base wreath and the Cheyenne as my premium wreath. Vickerman probably has the best light set warranty in the industry so I'm not letting the unsealed lights be a deal breaker.


    Camden Fir.jpg

    Cheyenne Pine.jpg

    Grand Teton.jpg
  10. PlantscapeSolutions

    PlantscapeSolutions LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,011

    You can probably tell the CP is the left picture, middle is CF, and final is GT.

    My recommendations for the matching garland mirror the statements I made about the wreaths. To me The Grand Teton almost looks the the end came out a little sparse (last picture). The GT feels like they used heavy gauge coat hanger wire inside the tips. It's impossible to work with. The wire in the tips feels like rigid steel wire instead of a more pliable copper feeling wire.

    If you try the Vickerman stuff give Dara a call because she will get you a better price. You would probably have to be doing some high volume to get the same price directly from Vickerman. Dara gave me a great discount off list that will likely cover at least half the shipping. If you Google ccbydara you will find her.


    Camden Fir Garland.jpg

    Cheyenne Pine Garland.jpg

    Grand Teton Garland.jpg

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