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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by PlantscapeSolutions, Oct 9, 2013.

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    How do you envision your home page slider adding value to your site? I'm concerned by the "whizbang" aspect of it. What other info do you plan on having on your home page? Aggressively, perpetually, moving elements or, really, any kind of moving elements, tend to distract visitors more than you might want.

    Have you done any marketing research on the effectiveness of sliders? I like them in certain, well-executed integrations, mostly if they are part of a great marketing message, or they provide a functionality that gets people in to your sales process, but to just have giant, rotating pics on a home page, I don't think you'll see them adding much.

    To help you out a bit, take a look at great uses, that add to the user experience and marketing. Hit and for two great, polar opposite implementations. I'd then hit Google and search "do sliders convert". Let those who have tested, tested, and retested web marketing, via very deep pockets, be your guide. Apple even abandoned them for quite some time, resurrecting them in a whole new fashion.

    (i use them on 3 of 40 sites. 2 are similar to amazon, 1 is as an integrated design element that compliments the content and design)
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    I think I'm just going to use the feature that is built into the template ( I have for displaying pictures on the home page. I've gone from my current simple site to probably being in the process of going over board with my new site back to finding some middle ground.
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    I'm still working on my site but here is the unrefined version The site is not up and running yet. There is still some info from the template showing that needs to be deleted. There are a bunch of things I emailed the people working on it that need to be changed. Later this week I should have the changes made.

    Right now the text size is too small in the body of text (hard on the eyes), there's a misspelling, the blog is missing, the logo area text is too small and not even the same size, the text across the top of the home page needs a lighter background so it stands out better, and a bunch of stuff.

    I'm probably going to drive my website people nuts but I can tell they are more code oriented then marketing oriented.
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    It's a mess in mobile version

    On desktop version on right side I would get rid of that and just have a contact form in there. I'm sure Tony will have better solutions.

    I would either add 3 more services to the home page or take away two.

    it's a good start you've got a good amount of content on there, more than most landscapers that's for sure.
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    That void will hopefully be my blog spot. The mobile version probably isn't even working since this is just a draft at this point.
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    Since you recognize the top, grass background doesn't work, my main recommendations would be to...

    - with that design, and the logo banner being such a focus, the nav menu being above that is a bit awkward. it can easily be moved below it, so you might have them do that to see how it looks to you.

    - I'm struggling with the logo design fitting well in to the rectangular box. Because of the irregular shape of the overall logo, albeit with a core oval, it has that problematic look that templated sites can run in to, which is a logo that just doesn't seem to work with the site. Almost always, this is due to the shape not playing nicely with the allotted space (or ridiculously uncomplimentary colors, which isn't an issue you face. Just point it out for others.).

    - Bringing the main nav menu below that could alleviate some of the awkwardness of the logo banner.

    Actually, let me just do a few in-browser changes and I'll post some screen caps to give you an idea.
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    - larger menu font and changed to white
    - narrowed transparent background to a more logo-complimentary "stripe".
    - increased font size of your your banner text (serving Austin and phone info)
    - increased spacing between banner and slideshow

    that background grass might be workable if you do a color overlay to minimize the detail. making it somewhat opaque just washes it out, although you could have a dark base color and use the css opacity.

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    For kicks, here's the menu below the logo banner. I don't personally have a preference either way. By minimizing that banner stripe, it helps to better compliment the top menu location. summarize, the banner stripe size seems to be what's throwing off the Feng Shui of your site...or something like that. :)

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    Bringing the menu into the top of the white box is exactly what I told my web people to do. I just emailed them more changes to make on my customer reviews. I already told them to wipe out all the template text to widen the screen.

    I have 16 City Search reviews but I hate City Search so I want to save the reviews for my site instead of linking to them. I'm also adding a BBB & Google Reviews tabs to the Customer Reviews menu.

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