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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by PlantscapeSolutions, Oct 9, 2013.

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    For now I am following the plan and suggestions of my SEO guy Ted. My biggest problem is I am outside of the area I service which is a huge negative I'm trying to overt come.

    I've already gone from a nobody in one category to page one and hold the number three spot. So I can honestly say I'm seeing some results already. Ted has been honest and said it going to take some time and effort to start climbing the other categories.

    An idea I am talking about with Isaac at AWD is having separate blogs for my different categories. He mentioned having on the main menu a blog item where you can pick the category you want to check out the blog. Each category would have it's own webpage for blog postings.

    I really don't like having the three blog windows on the bottom of the home page that are not really firmly part of any category. I'm a big talker and can easily come up with lots of blog entries on various topics. I can also post info on some of our current projects.

    I have already picked up multiple jobs due to my high ranking in the "lawn top dressing" category so I can honestly say I'm already starting to get a return on my investment. I'm really looking forward to starting to creep up the page count in other more difficult categories.
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    I know have blogs under multiple categories and instead of giving them the boring name Blogs (screams I have to do this for SEO) I have called them David's Tips on my main menu. I have already throw some info into all of the categories. I'm really liking how the site is continuing to change.

    I have also added Fertilization & Pest Control to my main menu and made other changes such as personalizing the About us page with a picture of myself in action. Mentioning that people can reach me directly is the angle I really try to push as being along with being very knowledgeable.

    It's amazing to me how very few people push the personal touch and usually do the opposite. They have their wife or girlfriend record their voice mail and do other things that they should really do themselves to appear as personable and approachable as possible.You want your clients to think of you when they see your company name and not think of it as some inanimate item they are not connected to on any level.
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    I noticed today that you get different search results on a mobile device then a PC. On a PC I'm on page one in the number #3 spot for lawn top dressing on page one. On a mobile device I'm #1 on page one of Google. On a PC I can't event find myself in the Landscape Maintenance category but on mobile I'm up to page top of page five and ascending.

    I'm using my Facebook page more and now what ever I post is going to get Tweeted as well. I'm updating my multiple blogs and trying to create the constant stream and not the one time rush that Google is supposed to like. I'm doing a lot more then I've ever done before I'm I'm confident I will creep up the food chain on the page count. In landscaping I started around page 17 and have jumped about five pages.

    In landscaping the page count is about 24 pages in the Austin market. I've already surpassed a lot of companies and look forward to the challenge of passing up more each month. My website which was never a lead generator is now generating inquiries for my services every week.

    Overall, I can't complain about the ways things are progressing. Austin is a billion dollar green industry market so you can't expect it's going to be easy here to get to page one. Jumping to page one in the top dressing category was a nice surprise that is paying dividends on my website & SEO investment.

    With all the businesses out there promising me they have a spot for me on page one it's nice to work with a company that doesn't make BS promises. AWD told me things would take time and were honest about the fact that it takes time.
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    Given it's just a wordpress site why don't you do your own SEO with a plugin like 'Yoast'? This assumes you do have full admin permissions on your site install though. As for FB and twitter - you can easily get your WP posts to automatically post to FB when you publish them and you can then get FB to automatically tweet that update as well = less time posting and circulating. You would need to ensure decent FB opengraph config though so that your images etc on FB come through looking nice. Just a thought.
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    If you look through this lengthy thread you will see that he is paying for onsite and offsite SEO- it's an extensive package that he gave a lot of thought to. Hopefully it pays off in his competitive market :)
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    For hardscaping in the Austin, TX market I'm up to the bottom of page two for search results. Making progress.
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    I'm now #1 on Google for Lawn Top Dressing and I'm number #2 behind only Yelp for hardscape searches in Austin. Now we are trying to tackle holiday lighting and get on page one.

    Austin Web & Design has hire Mary Forma to help them improve their in house SEO.
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    This is a good example of ways to approach highly competitive markets and target the more obscure and longtail keywords. It will be interesting to see how your traffic pans out for those search words. Ranking #1 for "pink snow shoes for purple dogs" is easy, albeit it will produce nothing but the most niche of traffic. Ranking #1 for "snow shoes for dogs" is where the majority of your traffic and clicks will come from. The pink snow shoes traffic might be highly qualified, and more readily produce a conversion, but the volume of the broader "snow shoes" will likely bring more traffic, less conversion %, but more actual conversions.

    While "lawn top dressing" is very specific, and much less traffic'ed, it's less so for "hardscape". "Hardscape" does not generate a 7 Pack. "Hardscape Designer" does. That's a search volume clue. If we search "HardscapeS",your rank dips. "Hardscape design" and "hardscape designer", which are more relevantly searched than "hardscape", sees you return to Page 1 (these are much better ranks than "hardscape", so I'm not sure why "hardscape" was singled out for your example). Just keep in mind to try to rank for terms that humans would actually search for and don't get too wrapped up in the glory of ranking position.

    By comparison, for the broader, higher search volume (and competition) keywords, I have you on Page 13 for "landscaping austin tx" and Page 12 for "lawn maintenance austin tx". For "lawn care austin tx" you're not in the 23 pages of results. Those are three of The Big Four terms.

    Now that you're a season in on this, you should have a reasonable guess as to what people are searching for and how they're finding you. With that in mind, and these new ranks, how do these ranks work with your overall strategy?
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    I appreciate all the feedback. The "lawn top dressing" category is a weird beast. The traffic is so low it's really off the Google radar but the people who do search it are serious buyers and I land 3 out of fours inquiries usually. It's a high profit margin low competition category which are rare to find.
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    I just hit page one for "Christmas light installation" in the number 6 spot. It's too late for it to help this year but it good to know I'm making progress. More changes are on the way and I plan to be in one of the top three spots before the 2015 season gets here.

    I just did a feature with Hot On Austin that they linked to my site and I think that gave me a boost. I have a few tweaks in motion right now. It feels good to climb the ladder and get results for your hard work. I now have Lawn top dressing (#1 spot) and this category (#6) that have hit the page one goal.

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