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    I can give you the info for the mason I use. He is a sub and not an employee. If you look at the pictures on my website almost everything is his work. He can do really amazing saw cut pattern patios. There are way too many crappy masons helpers out there trying to be masons.

    He did a $60K wall that spanned two homes back yards in Barton Creek West. I think the back fill trucked in must have been 300 yards.
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    You got it. The trailer came with a single spring assist which broke yesterday. I'm swapping it out two a two assist spring setup. This way if one cable or spring beaks the door doesn't come crashing down.

    That ramp is is extremely heavy. I've probably added 50 lbs to it by adding extra plywood, screws, wear strip, and ramp stops. The ramp was close to the ground when the spring broke. If the spring had broken when the ramp was barely opened it would not be hard to have it slam into the ground and total the ramp.

    I bet to have a ramp replaced could easily be $1500. I would tell anyone with a single assist to replace it even if the trailer is new. You could easily seriously injure a worker if the door comes down on top of him and pins him to the pavement.

    I've never messed with the spring assist assembly but luckily there are some Youtube videos of garage door assemblies which are the same thing. I like a challenge.
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    This is one of my customers where we had the front lawn and beds converted to drip. If you do 100% drip there are no watering restriction in the city of Austin. The front lawn still has the original pop ups functional which is great for landscape applications or watering in top dressing. Fertigation has it's limits.

    I think in all of central Texas there is very little full scale retrofit drip work being done. One of my customers dealt with watering restrictions by having a $30K well drilled.

    If you do a drip landscape for new construction I would recommend having sprays for the lawn as well if you can fit it in the budget.

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    That is a good point nice work man
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    I was out putting down winterizer with Dimension this week. I have one customer I put on a frugal application schedule to keep his costs budget friendly enough to afford annual top dressing. I skipped my May Allectus and July Dylox applications for this client.

    I was inspecting the small landscape project I has done for him last year and noticed the Dwarf Fountain Grass's were not looking good. I took a close look for issues and was able to lay the grass over on it's side with no effort.

    The grubs had eaten off almost 100% of the roots. I had nothing with me for grubs and had to run back to my shop. I put down Dylox to kill the grubs you can see and Allectus to nuke any juvenile grubs that may be down deeper but have just started to feed.

    For you guys who are not insect guru's the grub is the hardest insect to control in my book. You will never rid any landscape of all the grubs. You are only managing the population and trying to keep it low enough to prevent plant damage. If the population is low it will also not attract armadillos.

    In Texas the Armadillos can smell the grubs and can really dig up flower beds or even lawns if food is scarce. The last picture is the Masked Chafer who is the source of much of the grubs here.



    Masked Chafer- Close.jpg
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    Your idea of leaving the spray heads functional is an excellent recommendation, when putting in full drip. On my yard I had to use spray device on hose when I put on liquid fertliz e and grubbegone.:hammerhead:
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    This customer in Buda had inquired about landscaping and had sent me a picture of his yard so I could give him some free pricing info. When I saw the yard I told him $1500 is usually the smallest landscape job we can do. Things went silent and then six weeks later I heard from him again.

    The job ended up being about $2520 and it worked out OK after all. The job was 15 minutes from my place which helped keep the cost down.

    By the end of October the Esperanza, Pride of Barbados, Fire Bush, and some of the small plants show flush out some. I also used Starry Eyes, Black Dalea, Skull Cap, Rock Penstemon, Four Nerve Daisy, Dwarf Fountain Grass, Purple Fountain Grass, Thryallis, and Dwarf Bottle Brush. For being a small job it has a very diverse plant selection.

    By next spring it should be a really full looking landscape and have a good wow factor compared to what I started with.

    Charles S- Before.jpg

    Charles S- After.jpg
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    I would say you got top dollar for that install, congratulations for being a great salesman.
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    On little jobs I try to have about a 50% profit margin. The 65' of stone borders and the irrigation work my subs did cost me $850 and was a chunk the expense. Minus that it would have been only a $1637 size job. We also moved two tree to the backyard and planted a Crepe Myrtle not seen in the first pictures.

    They forgot to water the Crepe Myrtles so I had to leave it out of my after picture. The Crepe Myrtle picture shown is from two days ago. Today I showed up to take pictures with better light and it was half yellow and wilted. I'm lucky I was able to get shot of the landscaping minus the unhappy Crepe Myrtle.


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    I really like that job. As much as I like some of the big over the top projects sometimes the nice simple clean ones compliment the house so much better.

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