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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by gw2304, Jun 6, 2008.

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    Howdy--my 1st post--- bought a Bad Boy ZT last fall, and trying to clean up a place we bought to live at out of town that had been pretty neglected. Anyway, our BB has hydros from Hydrogear on it and we got a stick in one of the plastic hydro cooling fans and knocked all of the little fan blades off of it. Called the dealer, and they sent me the fan w/ the pulley attached to it for a price of $37! Called Hydrogear and they said that is the only way they are sold. Does anyone know where else a guy could start looking for these plastic fans?
    Hydrogear's kit no. is 71333
    This is a great website.
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    A Dealer's "Scrap heap".
    Most of the hydro-gear trannys have that pulley/fan setup - ask a dealer if you can steal one.
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    First off welcome to Lawnsite, it's a great place, lot's to learn. I have a Hydro-Gear cooling fan off a BDP-10A-442, New# PG-3GCC-NZ12XXXX. There is a section on here to send private messages (PM's) or you can call me @817 412 4110. C'ya

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