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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PB2624, May 19, 2007.

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    I have a old manual system that I am trying to update. At the valve box I have 3 manual that are shot and need replaced, no biggie I thought. Then I run into this black pipe that I cant match up or find anything to convert over to pvc. Markings on the fitting is Plastiline anybody know what or where to get parts to convert over to the new style electric valves. Local plumber in the business since the 40s has never seen the stuff. I really dont want to have to replace all the lines since they are still good. Thanks for any help.
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    Measure a chunk of against IPS and CPS etc, and find what it is closest too. Then use a compression fitting for that type of pipe.

    Or Boots will pop in and tell you where to get fittings :)
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    I run into that stuff every now and then here in Dallas. I always warn the customer with this oft repeated line. "Stuff falls apart like a Hong Kong suitcase". if they insist on fixing it I ram whatever size pvc I can get in and then ring clamp it.
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    Without seeing a picture of it I'm only guessing and can only relate a situation we have here at one of our sites. This site has an old QCV system installed (in the 50's) with what the older plumbers referred to as "roll-out PVC" pipe. It's black, soft (almost like PE), is rolled out into a trench and then the tees were cut in for the QCVs. The tees are black also, somewhat brittle and have IPS threads that galvanized nipples were installed into. The QCVs were then installed onto the galvanized nipples. The OD matches up to IPS and we've been able to cut into it and make repairs whether using mechanical couplings or glueing standard fittings onto it for reroute purposes.

    If you do end up cutting into it and a standard IPS PVC fitting does not work cut a small piece out and take it to a plumbing supply house. They'll probably be able to come up with a repair option for you.
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    From what I can see on the net, "Plastiline" is a product intended to line concrete pipe. Guess maybe some guys have figured out it's cheaper than poly...
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    Plastiline was a manufacturer of insert fittings, among other stuff. Once you've measured the outside diameter of the old pipe, you can determine what it can connect to.

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