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Plate Tamper and lease vs buy


LawnSite Member
Hello Everyone!
Just an update on the plate compactor thread I posted a few threads below. I bought a bomag 18/45-2 and love it. Compacts incredibly good. It is a huge difference iver the rentals sch as the wacker 1550a that I was used to.

And second I want to know your opinionsl about leasing vs buying a skid steer.



LawnSite Member
Monkton, MD
I've always rented skid steers since my Dingo can do most of what I need. But right now I'm looking at purchasing compact track machine or Bobcat A300. The tax law passed down here in the states is just too sweet to pass up. 60% depreciation the first year on equipment purchased until the end of 2004. And interest rates are next to or at 0%.
Look into the cost benefit of buying/leasing and the tax breaks in your neck of the woods. It drives me crazy to rent a machine for a day when I only use it for an hour. I've been making the rental companies too much $$$.

AL Inc

LawnSite Bronze Member
Long Island, NY
mdscaper, thanks for the info. I was in the same boat when it came to skid steers, it was a pain to rent the machine. I started looking about a year ago and finally decided on the Cat 246 (see other thread "skid steers"). Really, the payment is equal to two rentals per month. I just feel more comfortable buying. I know the monthly payment is higher but then there is no buyout to worry about at the end of the lease. I would rather keep that 8-10k in the bank.