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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Striper, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Striper

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    from WV
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    I did a search here to see what i could find on plate tampers. Many suggested a Wacker and to look on ebay for deals. What i wanted to know is if there are any online stores that carry these products and have good deals. If so, please let me know their addresses. Thanks
  2. mdvaden

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    Are you referring to the 12" x 12" (roughly) square tampers that have a wood handle?

    Or fiberglass, but I find fiberglass too heavy unless its hollow rake handles.

    Anyhow, if that's what you are after, I know that Home Depot, at least in Oregon, sells them in 10 inch by 10 inch, and 12 inch by 12 inch.

    About $15 to $25.
  3. little green guy

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    I like Wackers, thier a pretty good machine. Don't waste your time trying to buy of the internet just to save a few bucks though. Go to your local deealer and buy from them, believe me, if something happens and it breaks the internet isn't going to fix it for you. When you got 5 guys looking at each other because the compactor is broken and they can't start laying pavers your going to loose alot more money than youy saved on the internet.
  4. Striper

    Striper LawnSite Member
    from WV
    Messages: 32

    Sorry I wasn't very clear on what type of tamper I need. I am looking for a gas operated vibratory tamper for installing pavers. I appreciate the responses though. Ok,if i buy from a local dealer what price to expect for a Wacker 1550 Honda powered. I called one rental store and they gave me a price of $1,950.00 plus tax plus $75.00 shipping. Is this a good price? Oh, and they sold all of their used ones.
  5. Henry

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    I believe one of the dealers I use sells that one for about $1500.
  6. little green guy

    little green guy LawnSite Senior Member
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  7. loganshardscape

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    Buy the Bomag 5.5 hp Honda rated at 22KN. you need around 18 to 22 KN (4000 to 5000) by the ICPI guidelines for concrete pavers.
  8. idugaholez

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    I just bought a used Wacker for $700. Up til now, I rented them, but Ive got sooo much work lined up right now, i figured Id need to buy one. I was going to buy a new one, but was having a hard time spending $1600 this year(I ordered a new Kubota 3130). From renting in the past, I dont think there is a better way to find out what you like.

    But, I stopped at this little equipment shop, a local guy owns it. He had 2 used ones. He gave me a warranty on it. He did say that the motors on the new ones are a little bigger, but the part that does the tamping is alot smaller. He still swears that the new ones are made cheaper.

    Id suggest going to some of your local equipment repair places-who knows, maybe they have some used ones.


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