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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Acute Cut, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. Acute Cut

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    Question for yall.
    I have an appartment complex with a playground area. The base of the area is filled with pea gravel. The kids are kicking it out into the lawn and making a big mess with it. Last week we hit a piece and broke a window. She wants other suggestions of what to put in there if they took out the pea gravel.

    Things to think about:
    She is worried about bark because she is afraid it will stick in the kids shoes and track onto the apartment carpets. I think sawdust would be the same problem. Any other ideas? It is only about 15 X 20 ft or so. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. BW4486

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    You might want to look into rubber mulch, I have seen it used in playgrounds before

    I don't know what it would cost you but it comes in several colors

    ...Just a suggestion....
  3. woodycrest

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    i do work for a daycare center...the old playgound is just sand about 12'' deep.

    THe new playground has the rubber stuff..its very expensive(from what they tell me) but is sure makes a soft surface.

    The day care has a few one of them the rubber wansnt installed correctly(too cold when it was installed) and has been nothing but trouble. THey got it removed and re-installed, it has been fine eversince.
  4. earthtool

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    Acute Cut,
    Your mulch supplier should stock a "double hammered" mulch that can go by different soft......easy foot.....tender foot.
    Ask your local supplier about natural products. Children fall on this without splitters or harm of any kind.
    The rubber mulch is indeed a interesting concept but has more down falls for this application than does wood.
    Check the insurance sites on injury rates and tables for this type of environment. After all we all live in a tort society.
  5. Randy Scott

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    In our area they have a special mulch called "playground chips". Real original huh? Which those will still find their way into shoes and pockets.

    I'd say that you could pour a slab of concrete to eliminate the tracking of any materials into the apartment. :D
  6. sgrprincees

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    You have problems with dripping blood then though.:p
  7. Meadowbrook

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    Ok, gotta post on this one. you really don't need to buy 'rubber mulch' as they call it. Just go to a local tireyard, or even a garage, and tell them that you would like to be hooked up with someone that grinds up old tires. I have seen the 'tire mulch' used before, it's soft, and if there isn't a fence around the playground its not a big deal, but no matter what you use, it WILL, rest assured be kicked/thrown into the grass by kids. But tire mulch shouldn't break any windows.....Or, just a thought, charge them to hand rake the mulch back into the play areas.

  8. Acute Cut

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    hey guys, thanks so far. I dont think my supplier will even know about rubber anything. The mulch supplier has one thing on his front yard. Thats a literal mountain of bark. Next to it is the Mattahorne of sawdust. Thats it.

    I like the rubber idea simply for the seemingly cleanliness of it. Plus, if you put it through a window then you one bad mama jama. I also worry about the kids who like to watch us as we mow. Little scary if you know they have tossed pea gravel in the grass you are mowing.

    I have recently bought that new stihl power broom. I think it will do a very good job in the heaviest areas around the playground for right now. But farther away as kids carry pea gravel i think it is just a matter of roulette.

    This is not about money guys. I got kids of my own. I just wanna keep em all safe is all i guess. Thanks for your help. I talked to the manager and she wants me to print out what yall say so she can decide. Man, i love this site. I am glad i got yall here to help.
    Acute Cut:)
  9. Groundcover Solutions

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    We put down a certified material hear in michigan for all of our playground jobs. We call it eather Cushinwood or Playground Chips. It is much softer than normal mulch materials, it is a great material to work with. I would highly recomend looking into it. It dose not cost more than normal mulch, at least in our area. Also on your coment about the power rake, they are great pecies of equipment. The power rakes will get the mulch out of the grass quite well and quickly. We use a combination of the power rake and back pack blowers to clean up on most of our materials jobs. the rake will make quick work of things!! Highly recomend it to anyone installing landscape materials of any sort.
  10. Acute Cut

    Acute Cut LawnSite Senior Member
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    I second that. I think it is a bit pricey for what it is, but it is very valuable. We cleaned all of the gravel from our driveway that got pushed into the grass in like one minute. I cant wait to try it on this pea gravel on tuesday. Ill check into the playground chips. Is it "dirty"? Regluar mulch can be like playing in dirt. She is worried about the carpets. Is this stuff just chips or what?

    Anyone got a pic or a link? I want to show the boss what we got in mind here. Thanks again

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