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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MikeTA95, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. MikeTA95

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    I never considered a plow before, but an opportunity presented itself to me this week to obtain a used one. I was going to post on plowsite but I didn't want to register for one question. Someone near me is selling a gmc 2500 sierra with a curtis plow attachment. He told me he would sell me the entire set up for $500. He said it needs nothing but a new set of pucks and maybe paint, plus its missing the driver side light (smashed out). My truck is a 1500 silverado. Does anyone with experience think that this is a good deal for me? is it possible to plow driveways with this (such as a cement driveway with a garage)? I think that I could find a lot of customers to plow for, as a matter of fact a doctor I know told me he would fire his guy if I was able to do it. Any help or advice is appreciated.
  2. gene gls

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    Are you sure he didn't say $5000.00..Most $500.00 plow trucks are junk.
  3. MikeTA95

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    No not an entire truck. The guy is selling his entire truck including the plow. I have my own truck and he is willing to sell me ONLY the plow set up for $500, then he's selling his truck to someone else.
  4. gene gls

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    Chances are the push frame will not fit your truck and also the plow might be too heavy for your truck. I would recomend getting a new plow from a dealer in your area that other plow guys recomend as giving good service.
  5. gene gls

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    If you are thinking about plowing, you should join Plow Site and start reading to get a better idea as to the daily whooo's of pushing snow. You can see who uses what kind and size plow on different trucks. Its all free learning, just takes your effort and time.
  6. seabee1

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    it isn't a bad price ,if you can see it operate it would be a plus .the new mount kit can be some good coin to pay out ,you can sell the old mount to lessen the cost .got to make sure about head light wiring adaptor''s the same or not.if the sealed beam it self is broke you can get them at any good part's store ,but the headlight assembly's can shatter !prob about $80.00 to $90.00 per side .the old single plug power and control plug between the truck and plow is not available any more ,you would have to change it if the harness was bad .spendy !hopefully it is a sno pro 3000 the 2000 are not available any more .:) also they do set kinda low to the ground .
  7. DJJS

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    $ 500 is cheap for a plow, but are you sure its in working order, or are you just trusting the seller when he says it works, usually a plow for $500 isn't going to be in great shape. Plowing driveways can be difficult depending on the laws regarding snow removal in your area, around here its illegal to push the snow out of the driveway and straight across the street onto another property, or any other time snow is in the street, even when that isn't where you are going to leave it. If you really want to start plowing, its worth getting one new, it'll pay for itself after a few storms. Also, if you're plowing snow its most likely not going to be covered by your insurance unless you add it on.
  8. soloscaperman

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    Don't do it. First off for $500 the plow is garbage. Two is for $500 the plow will fail on you then you have pissed off customers that may drop you even for full season work.Four is it prolly wont fit your truck and you would have to buy the mounts, wire harness, and the joystick to control the plow. The cheapest setup would be $2000- $3,0000 for a decent setup. Buy one in the summer and be ready for the next winter.

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