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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawndreamer, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. lawndreamer

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    If you will take the short time, please explain your first day in the business. What brung you to your decision to do how did u get your first customer. Just briefly would be fine. Detailed if u have time.
  2. Grassmechanic

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    I was a professional Grounds Mgr. I did things for family/friends on side. Got sick of my job (loooong story) and went out on my own. All my work is from referrals. I pick and chose where I work. I turn down work and people still throw money to get me on their property. I don't mow, only gardening, landscaping, and fertilizing. All my clients are high end properties.

  3. walker-talker

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    I knew I always wanted a business, but not sure in what industry. A friend of mine had a lawn mowing business and wanted out because of his health. I bought it and went from there.

  4. I needed poker money and asked the neighbors to mow their lawns so I could get some. Not saying I lost it, just takes more to sit and play poker at age 8 than $5 when you have a $1 antie.
  5. Phishook

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    Was about to graduate with an A.S. Needed a job. New a guy that was getting out of it for health reasons. Gave him $1000 for something like 35 accounts. His wife kept things going for a few months until I graduated. Plus we split the gross income from those two months, 40% for them/60% for me. I thought I was rich those two months.
  6. Tbarchaser

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    Great thread,
    I was a broadband installer working in new subdivisions and hated my job. So I started asking those cust about l lawn care, They were just moving in to a brand new house..... I then landed an account.... with no equipment!
    So I spent the next 2 weeks asking every cust. Every third cable cust signed a yearly lawn contract with prepayment for the month. I used that money and a little saved cash along with my cable install partner who had a little cash and blammo, We were in business. I then started calling all of the cust (from the cable co. database)
    That was march 10th we now have over 30 accounts and growing fast. We lost the first account..on the first cut.LOL we had no clue what we were doing. Going pretty smooth now.
  7. Fantasy Lawns

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    Long story short .... I was a pizza driver at night while I went to UCF in the day ..... I also delivered flowers on St Val & Mom for extra $$ .... my friend suggested cutting grass for extra $$ .... so while on St. Val day I also gave a flyer ..... offering lawn service .... with like "how much is your free time worth ..... do you want more family time on weekends"

    I got a call later that day .... n then it went
  8. HarryD

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    I ran crews for a big LCO in my town for years got tired of living pay check to pay check. I asked for a big raise and was turned down. I quit that day. I had some part time lawns on the side so I just expanded
  9. PaulJ

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    My first day full-time-solo was pretty uneventful. I bought another companies equipment and accounts. So I gave him the check (about half new cost for the equipment that was less than a year old), loaded up the equipment and went to work. The second day I remember well. It was Sept 11, 2001. So I spent an extra few minutes with almost every customer. they all wanted to talk about what was happening. A very sad day and scary time indeed.
  10. Movinfr8

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    If I can remember... Oh yes, it was yesterday!
    I had to clean some gutters that the homeowner couldn't reach. I got what I could with the 16 foot ladder, and fabricated a blower attachment for for gutters up to 20 feet off the ground! and it works!
    Want pics?
    p.s. Its PVC pipe, less that 15 bucks!

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