Please Call Please Call


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War Eagle!!
Getting worried about the calls not coming in for spring cleanups or mowing yet.... Have landed about $12,000 of jobs but have not gotten the expected calls to be come in yet.

Granted grass is still dormant but that will begin to change here in a couple of weeks..Forcast is stay about 70 the rest of the week with showers coming in

Invested in a lot of advertising this year so hopefully it will all work out

I know the commercial and real estate jobs have already been awarded but for the residential people they arent worried about mowing until they see they need it I guess.....

Just seeing where everyone else stands right now........

Cutters Lawn Care

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Hey grassin. I'm about 2.5 hours from you. Our phone has been ringing since the first of march. Bermuda and zoysia is starting to green up here. You should be getting the calls any day now.