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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mikegyver, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Mikegyver

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    I can usually handle bidding on small to mid-sized commercial properties but this one has me stumped. Its around 16 acres. I am putting together a bid for just the maintenance (mowing, trimming, blowing, edging, bushes). Cleaning out beds/planting, irrigation, applications, etc are extra.
    Here's a aerial of it.

    I came up with 36 man hrs AVERAGE per week @ $30/hr= $1080 a week for Mowing/trimming/edging/blowing. (12 months) $51840
    16 man hrs a month for hedges @ 30/hr= $480 a month for hedging (10 months= $4800)
    Total= $56640 yearly. Plus tax.
    Am I totally off? Help please!
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  2. srl28

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    Every area is different but for me personally $30.00 per man hour is very low. Have you figured your cost per employee per hour?
  3. WiseCutLandscapingLLC

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    You will not be on this property 36 hrs a week. One day max 3 guys. I would say you should come in closer to 30k without looking at the property. There is no aeration,fert? This is not that big of a complex looks like a very easy property to maintain!
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  4. Mikegyver

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    I know its not too terribly big. In our area this probably is in the top 10% size wise. Its a pretty big place to i said its 16 acres.
    So you think 24-30 man hrs a week is more reasonable for mowing/trimming/edging/blowing? I know the hedges will take a day for 2 guys. 100s and 100s of them.
    Fert is done by somewhere else. No aeration. I would get the irrigation though.
  5. Mikegyver

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    On the $30 a man hr....its pretty close to right for our area. We have the south of the border element here which keeps prices pretty low. I was at $50 for 2 guys...I raised my prices.
  6. ed2hess

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    Unless they specified the number of mow I think your number is toooo high, maybe 38? And keep in mind you usually can't start until 9:00 and need to be gone way before 5:00. And they usually don't like a two day of disruption so watch that. The $30 is correct. Mulch, and flowers and irrigation should be billable and not in contract. Trees cut to 6' is normal to include. Sprinkler checks are usually included ....we inspect monthly in our area.
  7. Mikegyver

    Mikegyver LawnSite Bronze Member
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    After pondering it this evening I came up with 30 man hrs/week @ $30= 900 a week x 48 = 43200. Am I still too high?
  8. ReddensLawnCare

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    MCC. Nobody on here can tell you if you are to high, and really can't tell you how long it will take without knowing your equipment and cost per man hour. Maybe your guys don't have the knowledge or tools to do the job in 30 hours, but you bid on it because someone on here said that is how long it should take you. The going rate may be $30 per man in for area, but are yOur cost that low? Last thing you want to do is get the bid, and basically be paying them to do the job. Also, what about leaf cleanup, that's a lot of trees
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  9. Mikegyver

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    Leaves are the same as mowing. We just run the vac over it. That's why I budgeted for so many mows. I know that its hard for anyone to give me numbers..I just need some from someone. We came up with 900...the other guy I was talking to has been to the property a lot and is a former LCO.
  10. torotorotoro

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    $25 per cut. thats the going rate.

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