Please check out my new website give me some feeback.

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ewhite17, Mar 31, 2013.

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    The layout is fine. I'm assuming you built it yourself... anyways here's some things on the site I think you could re-work... Title is blurry, I think because of the bright color theme. Parts of your "about us" are worded kinda awkwardly. There are a lot of different colors going on on your site, you may want to limit yourself to just a few so there aren't so many.. if that makes sense. Also, your clickable page tabs should all be the same. People can find out that you offer free estimates just by clicking on an "estimates" page.

    Now, I am in no way shape or form an expert on website stuff and I'm sure TonyGreek will comment on here and be able to explain much better than I can, but you are off to a good start. Just some tweaking and you will be in good shape.

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    I find the lime green difficult to read, and the bold black text on the right is hard to pick out even with the green outline. You have several spelling errors to fix, (costumers....) I would also try to clarify your discounts a little bit, especially the one for returning customer recommendations, does the referring customer get the discount, the new customer, or both? Be careful of offering a bigger discount to new customers than returning customers ( I know the total value being offered is equal) but you want to keep your current customers happy and word of mouth advertising is much more valuable than web traffic in my opinion. (sorry I know that's a little sidetrack from the actual website) . I'd build some pages for each of your services and get more info on there, and have a form or link to contact you, once you have someone interested you need to close the sale. Great start!
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    No offense intended, but I would use this site as a case study in how not to do things. The majority of those fonts/colors/font shadows/background images make your site almost unreadable. This is one of those scenarios where I would just say to visit any professionally built site, whether it be a well-known brand or high-traffic site, and see if you see any of this in application, and then take note of what you see and apply it to your own site.

    - There's really no need for a sitemap link on the menu as that's what the menu accomplishes already. It's essentially a main menu link to another version of the main menu.

    - I see one reference to where you do business. You'll want to add to that.

    - Please take some time and read the past reviews here. If you do so, you'll learn quite a bit about the right and wrong approaches and you'll be better suited to tweaking your own site.

    - Read the Beginner's Guides to SEO that both Google and seomoz put out.
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    I have updated it some. Is it any better? What else needs to change.
  6. tonygreek

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    Marginally, at best. You really do need to take the bull by the horns on this one. Did you read the above advice because all I see are color changes. Blue links on green grass are no more readable than whatever the previous color was.
    - There's really no need for a sitemap link on the menu as that's what the menu accomplishes already. It's essentially a main menu link to another version of the main menu.

    - I see one reference to where you do business. You'll want to add to that.

    - Please take some time and read the past reviews here. If you do so, you'll learn quite a bit about the right and wrong approaches and you'll be better suited to tweaking your own site.

    - Read the Beginner's Guides to SEO that both Google and seomoz put out.​
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    Sorry to sound harsh but...

    Aestetically, this is a good example of how not to do a website.

    -bold, non-matching colors look unprofessional
    -page is too busy with information
    -nothing flows at all
    -picture boxes with rounded corners, then others with square corners
    -5 different colors used, none match (you are trying too hard to draw attention to things by using bold colors and wide fonts)
    -nice pics ruined by heavy orange and/or red fonts covering them
    -overall it looks like a badly designed sales flyer

    The Good...
    Your logo looks very professional with good color choices. Whoever done your logo knows what they are doing so you should follow their lead with your website design. If you use ONLY the colors in your logo, or variations of them, you will have a much better looking website. Use narrower fonts.
  8. Mayor of Mow Town

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    Here are some ideas:

    Decide on some colours for specific purposes:

    - Base text colour - Dark grey or black is universally easy to read on any device.

    - Primary colour - This is a colour you can use for things like your menu bar, headings etc. It needs to fit with the look and feel of your brand, so picking up one of the shades of green in your logo might be a good start.

    - Action colour - This colour should be different from all the other colours on the site so it stands out. The orange you have used for the phone numbers might work well. This is the colour you use when there is an action you want the visitor to take, such as calling you, clicking a button, etc Please steer away from using any fluoro colour, as it comes across as spammy and untrustworthy.

    Good work on using a large font. You have used "Arial Black" which is a bold font. I suggest using just "Arial", and limiting your use of the bold font to things you want to emphasise.

    Social media links
    I would remove your sharing buttons, as they can be a distraction. People see the icons, think about Facebook, and in no time they have left your site and are checking out the latest cat video. The reality is, most people aren't going to share any website home page on social media (who, except for friends and family, would do this?).

    The text on the photos is actually your most important information, but it is hard to read, and also means the photos aren't effective in communicating your professional work.

    Try using just 1 image (the absolute best photo of your work) in this position. You may be able to use minimal white text on the image, with a short headline (less than about 7 words) that explains the benefits of using you.

    Home page
    Pull the text that's in the photos, down into the body of the page. I would avoid using words such as "amazing" to describe your deals, as it makes you sound like a used car salesman (not good).

    Think about the one thing you want customers to do (e.g. call to book an estimate), and emphasise that.

    About Us page
    Take the text you have in the body of your home page and add it onto an "About" page. Break it up into a couple of paragraphs to make it easy to read.

    Add a couple of photos of the people in your team (close enough and clear enough to see the whites of your eyes). This helps make you look more legit and helps people know what they're going to get.

    Remove the "sitemap" from the menu bar. Add some new pages that focus on your services (e.g. lawn maintenance; landscaping; snow plowing). This is an opportunity to get more specific about what you offer, and include photos (not stock images) that are specific to the service. I would also add the deals that are specific to each service, on the relevant pages. e.g. lawn maintenance deal on the lawn maintenance page.

    Remove the green border. No reason other than it looks a bit yuk, sorry.

    Phone numbers
    Just list one phone number...whoever is better at dealing with customers and closing deals. If people have made the decision to call you, you don't want to give them another unnecessary decision of now having to decide WHO to call. You need to make it easy for them.

    Good luck!
  9. gregglawn

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    Mayor of Mow Town couldn't have said it better! I've done a quick mockup that takes on most of his suggestions. You can see how changing a few colors, removing text from on top of images and updating the layout makes a huge difference.
  10. greg8872

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    On the technical side, some big issues:

    1. The code behind the page doesn't validate: (and that test should be run on all pages for the site). Pages that validate load faster (the browser doesn't have to guess what you might have meant) and helps better ensure more uniform display across different browsers/OSes

    2. You have a ridiculously large logo image on the site. Not how it is displaying, but what size it actually is. 4000x1541 pixels, 2.28megs in size! The image is displaying at 477x183, and sized properly, the image is only 96k (.096megs) a HUGE difference. I mean, I am on good broadband connection, and when I went to you page I noticed the image loading, and not just displaying. Having properly sized images will make pages load faster, reduce bandwidth usage on your hosting account, as well as lets YOU make sure the image is sized properly with an image editing program, not letting a web browser resize the image for you (granted, they are way better than they used to be, but still not the best choice)

    3. The image of the house, especially with the text over it, really stands out to me to be crooked.

    4. The colors of text over images, just really really looks bad (read: non-professional), and also makes me have to work at reading them.

    5. Not part of your page, but let me say the logo you have on Manta ( ) really surprised me, and glad to see at least that isn't on your site.

    6. I went to the estimate form, and one of the first things I do is hit submit on a form without filling it out to see how it validates. Your form, it just sent me back to the home page, so I don't know if it broke and did that, or if it submitted a blank form and sent me there, either way, no feedback to me, so if I was a potential client.... I'd be wondering if 1. I just wasted my time filling it out, 2. If I will ever hear from you...

    6a. On the form, you have the order City Zip State, where people are used to doing City State Zip, or sometimes Zip first so it can preload city/state combos (which your's doesn't).

    7. The web counter at the bottom, while a cool feature on sites in the 90's really has no good value on a professional site, other than letting potential customers see, your site doesn't get much traffic at all, which would make me wonder as a potential customer, is your site just not that popular, or is your company that new, and possibly inexperienced?

    8. Having site map, when the sitemap makes up 25% of your site, is not necessary.

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