"please, come back, i need you, (sniff sniff)"


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yup, they all come back, sooner or later, they most certainly do. about 4 yrs ago, i took over an account. the previous lawnboy had the lawn looking as bad as the top of ric's balding skull. withing 4 months i had it in hand, by the next summer, it was sweet, real nice. well, we ran into some problems, and i fired them. they signed on with another guy, but he wasn't licensed for chemicals, so he just mowed, and they used a chain service for chemicals. what a disaster. what the lawnboy didn't destroy with his mower, the chemical company smoked with fertilizer. HA HA HA, i love it. the homeowner saw me yesterday at a town function, and pleaded with me to take him back. sure, why not. then, as was previously posted by me, a lawn customer used an outside company for landscaping, cus they were cheaper. low and behold, i got the phonecall yesterday, "bob, can you help me out...the landscaper left a disaster on the side of my house. please bob." it seems, that johny come lately landscaper, took all the crap he removed from the yard (old shrubbery, etc) left a heaping mess on the side of the house, and never came back for it. i guess he realized he lost money on the job. the homeowner said he's been calling 3 times a day, the guy won't return his call. yes sir, they all come back. revenge, is best served...... at the rate of $125 an hour. thanks for listening


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I have never had one client to call me back that I lost, no matter how bad a job was done by the new guy. Must be a Jersey thing (or you are a dang good story teller) :D


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I believe you- most of the time !-

I've fired two different PITAs on their front lawns over the past two years and before I could get to the curb they'd apologized for being a PITA and asked me 'not to leave and please finish the lawn and continue working for me'. In this business there are soooooo many stupid, stupid people that when the customer finds a gardener with half a brain they can't stand to lose him (that would be me and you) and fear the next idiot that comes along will be brain damaged beyond help like 90% of the morons in this industry. Sure there are a bunch of smart, honest guys in the biz, but really there are a lot of dumb ones. Same with customers. Mostly dumb.

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We've had a few of those over the years too. Some we have picked back up and others we just figured were too much hassle. It does give me a nice feeling that they noticed the difference between quality work, realized they screwed up and then wanted us back.


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Ive had a similar thing happen this year...some of them do come back, many don't, and good riddance to them


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i had a few quit then come back when new cheaper guy did bad job or skipped town. their price goes up at least $5/cut. the money they saved in the short run vanishes as they now pay more in the long run. one or 2 i turned down when they called back.

congrats bob


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daveintoledo said:
Ive had a similar thing happen this year...some of them do come back, many don't, and good riddance to them
Yeah I had a guy (actually two) do that, called me over a year later and I couldn't remember 100% what was SO bad (see I dropped the guy) so I went back out... ONE job into it (and another pending) I started seeing the light, come the second job I knew I wasn't coming back no more...
Perhaps in the case of someone who fired me it MIGHT work (along with that 5-dollar increase, I like that idea), but never with someone *I* dropped.

The second guy was something else, I had a clue in spring and decided I wouldn't work for him no more but it was a one-time deal (or so I thought) so I really didn't spend much time re-hashing the affair... Come fall, he called and I couldn't remember the problem and yup, it started back up again (and slightly worse than the first time). This time I didn't wait until the 2nd job, but the guy wouldn't stop calling ... What do you guys do when someone will NOT stop calling? I told him in the end NO more calls or I'm reporting to the police... Only thing is I feel bad because it wasn't like it was criminal, but what do you do?