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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mac43rn, Feb 7, 2003.

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    Lawnstudent question time

    What one thing do we need to know now?

    Hint: Mac43RN can tell us this or we can tell Mac how to find this answer himself at no cost very easy. Mac can even give us a Quantitative number denoting scientific measurement.

    No Jim I am just stirring the pot
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    Ok, so what is a good soil mixture then? What is the ideal mixture? I honestly dont know the right answer to this question. It just depends. I would think,however, your soil is acceptable, but a little too much clay, but then again, im just babbling. I'd like to hear some info on the perfect soil for a lawn. Is it quiz time? lol.
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    The ideal soil is comprised of 45% mineral, 5% organic matter, 25% water and 25% air.

    The idea soil texture is a loam or silt loam. Within a loam classification, clay can range between 10 - 29%, silt 30 - 50%, & sand 20 - 50%. Remember that the three must add up to 100%.

    For a silt loam, clay can range between 0 - 29%, silt 50 - 85%, & sand 0 - 50%.

    Now, what does mac43rn need to tell us? What is the bulk density in the rhizosphere? In other words, is the soil compacted? Do you have less than 50% pore space?

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    Right Lawnstudent Bulk Density or compaction is what I am try to find out. But infiltration was what I am asking for. Drainage is the most important thing in growing. If we have 17" per hour of infiltration then our soil isn't compacted,etc. I am going to bail here again. But before I do I want to say how much I enjoyed this thread. I have learned from it and hope to learn more. It is also fun to take on a worth foe.
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    Ditto Ric! I'm always up for a good, spirited discussion.


    To test for drainage, as Ric has suggested, dig a hole in your lawn 1 foot deep. Fill it completely full of water. Now let it drain and time it. If it drains within 2-3 hours its OK. 17" per hour will drain in under 1 hr. That's better, but not possible with a high clay content. If it takes longer, you have drainage problems that you should consider fix'n.


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