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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by David Gretzmier, Oct 31, 2007.

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    a Buddy of mine told me about the new Christmas Decor guy in my area he met. under false pretenses. he was asked out to do a bid for this guys house, and the guy got a price on wreaths, garland, c-9's, light links, starbursts and mini-lights in bushes. he basically asked my friend what is the most popular and what does my buddy charge and how does he do the bid.

    I know that this is market research, but if your going to check out your competition and figure out thier pricing, use a friend. have him get a bid and then you look it over. the friend can always say it is out of thier budget.

    I'll do 150 bids this year, and close 3-50 of those, so one more bid won't kill me and biddinge is what I do. and I'd like a competitor that prices close to me rather than giving it away. but If I were to find out I did a comprehensive bid for an hour of my time that not only was a waste of time but helped my competition, I'd probably be pretty ticked too.
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    Wow, you mean they found someone too buy into that franchise? Sound like he missed in classes or decided not to sign the contracts. If he had attended there would be no reason to ask anybody on anything about Christmas!

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