Please give pointers...planning to start in Spring.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LawnMan883, Jan 4, 2007.

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    i have been doing side jobs for neighbors for years now, but finally want to try to get this to take off for real. I am looking to officially register a business name, and get everything legit this Spring. i plan to have little or no business related debt going into Spring, as i have a decent array of equipment that is in good repair and a truck/trailer thats ready for work. i just need some help getting a business officially started. I am 24 now and am confident in my work, but still am worried about this business even working right.
    Because of my financial situation, i need to continue my fulltime job this Spring so I will be limited to 2-3 days a week. If this busines stakes off and I feel finalcially stable, i will quit my current fulltime retail job and do landscaping fulltime.
    Going into business I would like some feedback on what I should expect at first. Will i be running at a loss at first or does a LCO usually do pretty well from the get-go? Right now i live paycheck to paycheck and it's stressful. I just am scared I will dig myself a deeper hole if i make a bad choice.
    This past summer i spent all my extra income collecting lawn equipment for the business. i currently have a 16' tandem trailer, John Deere 345 tractor with 54" deck, push mower with 20" deck, line trimmer, leaf vaccuum/stick grinder, 48" aerator, 48" lawn roller, 150lb broadcast spreader, 19 bushel grass/leaf collection unit, etc. I use my personal truck to haul the equipment, but after my first year i do plan to retire my personal vehicle from the business and buy or lease a heavier duty plow truck. I plan to run the business solo, but i do have at least 1 person interested in helping if i need the assistance.

    At this time i am trying to figure out a good business plan thats reasonable in terms of profit/loss for my first year. Also I am in need tof advice on registering a business. Is an LLC the best way to go? What do most people pay for business insurance for an owner/operator setup? i'm just looking for some rough estimates on what to expect. Also what have you found as the most effective or efficient way to advertise?

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    most lco's will show a loss on the first few years because you want to get back the out of pocket expense back .(equipment purchases) the best form of advertising i did was the yellow pages. another way to advertise is to talk to as many people can and give out business cards. if you dont get your name out there people wont know you are out there . i pay $3,000 a year for insurance and thats $1 million liability and thats truck insurance too . by the way if you are just doing residentials you wont $1 million probally. do a serch on here about the topics they are endless.
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    Lawnman. There are a lot of posts here for your state. You may want to contact them. As I have posted before you cannot compare insurance prices unless the rating base is the same. Have someone in your area refer you to an independent agent so they can offer a competitive rate. Touch on the 3 main areas of work comp, general liability, and inland marine(equipment coverage). Good luck.
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    I would recommend Seans Lawn Care Success Program. It will offer you a lot of valuable info for just starting out.

    At this point you have the equipment, so some business education will be the most valuable tools for you. JMO

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