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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnsRUsInc., Feb 19, 2003.

  1. LawnsRUsInc.

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    I'm not sure which actions to take. Last year I had a lady call me we landscaped the entrance to the subdivision and her home, then she was so happy and told her husband and he told me he could hook me up with the right people. ( I was like OK yes good deal). Then just last week i got a call from him, i met with him this afternoon, into regards of the work. He wants to hire us to do the lawn restoration for the following company work. SBC, Time warner cable AOL. Lawn restoration involves grading leveling and seeding the areas that gut ripped up or trenched. I want sure what to say but i think i would be able to serve you he said OK i will call you in two days and here is the things we will need to do the jobs. 2 guys 10 hours a day 5 days a week, 1 5yd dump truck, skid steer, trailer and misc. items. And today i had just purchased 2 new ferris IS 1000's. Let me know what you think i should do please ask ?s if there are any.
    Please Help ME !!!!
  2. NC Big Daddy

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    Make sure of a few things.

    1. Get a job scope.
    2. Work under at a minimum of a 12 mth contract (24 and 36 mth contracts are not unheard of on large properties)
    3. Find out how much insurance you'll be required to have. Also check SBC's workers compensation requirements.
    4. Make sure you're licensed to apply pesticides in your state.
    5. Find out why they are dumping their current LCO if you can.
    6. Get a job scope :D

    On a side note. Why would you need a dump truck and skid steer at this job site full time? We have many large job sites and don't assign them to any one site all the time.
  3. gusbuster

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    I can't add any more than the previous but this one insight, big companies don't pay you on your scheduale but on their scheduale. You can expect payment cycle on a net 30 or 45 day cycle.

    A lot of times the invoice is mailed to one place, the check is sent from a different location. Just the way big companies operate.

  4. LawnsRUsInc.

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    No Big daddy its for when they put the lines under ground or trench it. The lawn is ripped up and needs to be leveled and graded and seeded. I went and looked at a couple locations but they have 92 lined up for the start of spring.
  5. crawdad

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    Please define the term, job scope.
  6. ipm

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    I am confused?? Your potential client is telling you what equipment to use and how much labor etc.???? If that is the case he must know his budget pretty well. Does this fit within yours??? Please clarify.
  7. LawnsRUsInc.

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    Yea i am sure he know what he wants done and the cost of things. The job involves them to come in and trench and then lay wires under ground. (which intern rips up the lawn) Then we get all of the job lists that have been trenched and we come in seed grade the ground and blow hay on the areas. I dont have an extra dump truck and i dont have an extra skid steer all the equipment i have is beenig used. So i see it hard to go out and purchase another truck and another skid steer just solely for this contract. Would you guys see it better to lease a skid and truck?
  8. MacLawnCo

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    I think i finally understand what they want of you. They go out and lay their wires, and then they give you a list of the lawns they ruined for you to go and repair. Is that correct? At first, i thought this may be work on their company HQ or something.
  9. LawnsRUsInc.

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    Thanks Mac Lawns correct, iam just asking for what i should do under my situations what i should ask for, me having to get another truck, skid steer. How long should be the minimum for work with him for the contract reasons or have any of you guys ran into this?
  10. Randy Scott

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    If the guy told you how many jobs they already have lined up you will have a good idea of how long the work will last. You will need to measure the sites and get an estimate of square footage. This type of work we price by the square foot. I would say it may take awhile to measure all the sites, they should have an estimate on square footage themselves, based off total length of lines put in. Not that I would trust their numbers. How big is your operation in regards to handling this work?

    I would ask for a contract based off what is ready to go. The 92 sites or whatever guaranteed. Get those in writing, that way you know what you have the potential to earn, and then say anything after that is so much per foot and if it fits your schedule. You can't guarantee someone services if they don't know what they can offer you. It's not like you can stand there with excess overhead waiting for their call.

    And, if all else fails, and depending where in Wisconsin you are, call me, we can handle it. :)

    Oops, almost forgot the most important. It's quite possible that your company may need to be union to do this work. Possibly with you working for SBC on a lot of state land, if it's lines along roadways etc.., it may be subject to paying white sheet to your employees. I would find this out first.

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