Please help..Exmark Metro 48 problem 451v 15hp

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by allpro2009, Jun 12, 2008.

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    Hello - 2 weeks ago i had a new peerless 700 installed on my mower...everything has been working great since. Today though, we ct about 20 lawns when i felt a slight vibration come on, along with a mild thumping niose(not like a knock). The thump is so mild, you cant pinpoint were its coming from exactly although i felt like i could hear it best when i listed underneath the tranny were all the belt drives are. I put the tranny in nuetral thinking it had something to do with the tranny, but as the tranny sat in nuetral, the mower contiued to make the noise..even with the blades disengaged. My co-worker seems to think its the engine kaw451 crankshaft" i think he called it? The mower is a 2004. I checked the oil and it was full. i then changed the oil and filter and the niose remains. Has anyone had any experiences like that..any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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    Would check the drive pulley on the crank that your trans belt runs to, will usually be the smaller of the two pulleys on the crank and closest to the bottom of the motor. Most times they are keyed onto the crank and held tight with set screws that tend to work there way loose and cause the pulley to smack back and forth as the unit runs.

    With the mower off, remove the tension from your trans belt and see if that top pulley has play.

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