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Pingree, ND
New to the site; looking for wisdom. We just put up a new Lodge for our business and, with the addition, we will be mowing a few acres of uneven terrain across two sites. Trees and buildings to navigate, so I decided it's time to upgrade to a commercial zero turn. (Been using the same 3-point Woods mower for 25+ years). I'm new to these commercial lines, but as a rancher I know that anything painted green holds its value and parts are a lot easier to come by. That said, I'm not married to John Deere and I'm open to other brands. Not looking to spend over $6k if I dont need to.

Here are some of the used inventory options I'm considering in our area. Let me know any pros/cons or which you'd recommend:
  1. 2006 JD 737 Kawasaki 23 hp, 60", 617 hrs: $3700
  2. 2012 JD Z960A Kawasaki 34 hp, 60", 715 hrs: $5995
  3. 2017 Toro 74432 (Titan 2000?) Kohler 25 hp, 60", 172 hours: $4063
  4. 20XX Grasshopper 721D (diesel), 61", 530 hrs: $5700
The price on the Toro for how new it is, with low miles seems too good to be true. Am I missing something or is it just a lesser mower?

Of note: Our nearest town has a John Deere dealership and the Agco dealer sells Grasshopper (but has a notoriously bad parts department). I think the local Tractor Supply sells Cub Cadet or some such line, but virtually every other brand's parts department would be 100 miles away.

Thanks for any advice or recommendations you could provide.


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I'd say #2 the 960a. The grasshopper likely weighs quite a bit with the diesel engine. It's going to be a big machine that will rut. The Toro is their low/mid grade level machine. The 737 is the lower end machine as well.

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