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    I have been looking at brands & features for a few weeks now, and it seems the more I learn, the more I know I have more to learn.

    Looked at most of the major brands, and have pretty much narrowed my choices to TORO & J.D., with the TORO Model probably a #74903 - 52" deck .. 25hp Kohler Cammand PRO ... and the J.D. being a Z920M - 54" deck .. Kawasaki 23.5hp. Both are close in price ... sooo ... all other things being equal ... I know I am over-buying for the amount of mowing I have at hand ( 3 family residential properties .. 3-4 acres total ) ... which is the "better" choice .. and WHY ??? I could easily save a little $$$$ and downgrade one model/series in either brand if it were advisable, but I don't want to ever have to regret buying too small - OTOH, too big is also a possibility that I want to avoid !!

    I've talked to every commercial mowing guys I've encountered around the county ... more TORO's than J.D.'s and the TORO guys seem pretty content with their machines ... J.D. owners also seem to like their machines, but the closest or "local" dealer has a terrible reputation. If I buy the J.D., it will be from a dealer in the next county who seems to have a much more satisfied customer base, and he's not really that far away that it would be an obstacle to buy from him.

    SOOOO ... what is the consensus ???? Red or Green ??? Anybody here have any input as to what features one machine would have over the other ???

    thanks in advance for any responses ... ... ...

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