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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by causalitist, May 30, 2008.

  1. causalitist

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    ok guys, some of you know i sub out my spray now and am gearing up to move into spraying next spring. i take my test next winter.
    please help me get set up with some basics as far as rules i may not know. im in wisconsin. last thing i want to do is start up next spring and neglect some detail that gets me in trouble.

    i dont need a list of every rule, just some you think i may not know off the bat to save me time next spring.

    i need to know a few regulations, i have the study book, but it seems to be all on other stuff. i will have a 45gal tank of 100% WATER in my truck, and fill backpacks/synergy sprayer with little premeasured bottles of chem.

    i know i need to wear protective gear, am i required to wear a uniform?

    i've heard of a list that if a neighbor is on it, you must notify them before you spray the customer next door.. where/what is this list?

    I got printed lawn flags as per wisc regulation, thats covered...
    do i need any specific truck lettering?

    beyond an individual herb license for me, does my company need any other paperwork done? (sole proprietor) ... im registered, liscenced, insured for mowing at this point.

    anything else? thanks alot guys, i'm trying to do this right and i know there are a few things that arent in my study book i need to know, i dont have anyone to guide me so hopefully you guys will point out some thing.

    thanks :)
  2. causalitist

    causalitist LawnSite Senior Member
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    c'mon guys, for all the bashing of people not being liscensed,(well warranted by the way), you would think someone would want to help me do it by the books.

    ? :)
  3. Victor

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    Regulations vary on a state, by state basis. Your best bet would be to call Wisconsin's Dept. of Agriculture and ask them your questions. Their number is 608-224-4500. When you study for your exams, you will learn all of the applicable regulations you're asking about.

    You have to understand that every time we as regulars to this forum turn around, there's another poster asking questions that they'd learn or know if, or when they went through the licensing process. That's why no one has offered to help. Too many times, it's been obvious that the poster was just trying to circumvent due process. I'm not saying that's what you're trying to do here. I'm just saying that that's the color of the flag that pops up when I read questions such as yours.
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    You need to know all the regulations. As victor said contact the ag dept and get the regulations from them. While the advice you get from others may be good, your own due diligence with those that enforce the regulations should be your first reference. Here in Michigan the rules and regulations cover every aspect of pesticide use and pesticide applicators. These are pretty much a pesticide applicators bible for sure. Everything that you must comply with is there. Get a copy and read it. You will sleep better knowing what you know because you in fact now know it. Good Luck!

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