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Please Help Me With My Rebel II Lawn

Lost Pine

LawnSite Member

I have a large yard, 110ft X 150ft. It was seeded in 1994 with Rebel II. Since than I have been very happy with the grass. I didn't know until I joined this forum that Fescue doesn't spread by Rhizomes. As such, I am slowly getting crabgrass and other weeds sninking in.

This fall I plan to overseed with a slit spreader. What grass seed would you recommend for me to use ? I would prefer to use something that would slwoly spread so that I won't have to overseed every couple of years....ALthough, I want something that is NOT going to standout from the grass that is there.

Thank You,

Smith Seed

Westerville, OH
Hi Lost Pine,

I think you would find Titan Ltd, or a blend that had Titan Ltd in it to be a good choice for overseeding, or intraseeding your lawn. Contact National Seed Company in New Brunswick for a local sourse. Their number is 732-237-3100. They can also tell you what their customers are saying about Titan Ltd, as we have been selling them Titan Ltd for a couple of years now.