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    Hi! I'm pretty new to the site, but we've been in business for 2 years. Do decently, have about 8 regular customers on weekly/ bi weekly schedules, and a few other bids that we're working on. I do this on the side, as I'm a cop, and that takes a lot of time! My wife and I started this as a side business, and so I have something to do when I retire. ANYWAY, here's the deal: A residential treatment center contacted us and asked us to do 2 bids. 1: to clear the property and put out pinestraw. And 2. on how much we would charge to maintain the property. We'll deal with the first bid to begin with. This property is about 2 1/2 - 3 acres, and it has not been maintained at ALL. Multiple flower beds over run with weeds, trees that have to be trimmed, a ton of bushes that need to be cut back and shaped, leaves from last fall that we need to clear out, ect. So I decided we should do it in 3 stages. Stage 1 would be cutting back and shaping the bushes, trimming the trees, and weedeating/ clearing out the flower beds. We figure that will be 1 8-hour day, with 4 people working. Stage 2 would be mowing, blowing, edging, ect. Pretty much cleaning up the rest of the property. Which we figure would also be an 8 hour day with 4 people. That might be high, but we figure we can finish up stage 1 if that runs over a little. Stage 3 would be putting out the pinestraw. That's where it gets REALLY complicated. There are several buildings on this property, and flowerbeds running on each side of them, as well as random flowerbeds throughout the property. Also, we will have to put pinestraw around almost all of the trees, and I'd say there's close to 80 of them. We are estimating 2 days of 8 hours each for this stage. So, we are estimating 400, yes, that's 400 bales of pinestraw. We can get them at $3.75 a bale, but we always charge $5 per bale. So, just for the pinestraw, we're talking $2000. Adding in the labor, which is a total of 32 hours (we charge $50 per hour for commercial property, then $10 per hour for each additional employee, for a total at this job of $70 per hour), is another $2240. So the total for all this work, over 4 days, including the pinestraw would be $4240. Is that too much? We've never bid on a job this big, so to us it seems high, but then again, we're in this to MAKE money, not LOSE it. I'd really appreciate your opinions!

    As for the maintenance bid, we are figuring it would take us about 4 hours to maintain it each visit. So we came up with $160 either weekly or biweekly. Is that reasonable, too high, too low? Like I said, this is bigger then anything else we've done. We mostly have residential business, but REALLY want to get this job, as it will give us great credibility. Not to mention it's one of those properties you're just DYING to get your hands in bc you know it will look incredible once you're done with it! I'd really appreciate anything ya'll could give us in the way of advice! THANK YOU!
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    You are always better of to bid high to cover your a$$ then to bid low and lose it. I would say your bid may even sound a little low. Even though I cant see the job you have at hand, I would throe 5,500 out there as a nice round number.

    On the maintenance end I would look at around 200 to 225 per trip. Try to stay as close to a dollar a minute as you can.

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