PLEASE help with customers Indian Hawthorn bushes

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by nlowplacez, Aug 27, 2010.

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    I'm trying to help the sweetest old lady in the world, as I may have messed up her hedges. She told me she wanted them trimmed down to her bottom window sill, so I took off like 6 inches to a foot from the top of the hedges, which seemed like way too much, and I still wasn't close to the window sill. The hedges were now barren and not fully lush and green with a lot of visible branches and whatnot. But we both thought after a while the leaves will come in and fill her back out. Now a week or two later the leaves on top are browning and it doesnt seem to be filling in. I read before i did this that the Ind. hawthorns were super strong and pretty much resistant to anything, so i didn't imagine i could have a problem like this . is there anything I can do to revitalize the hedges, or am going to be paying for a reinstall. thanks in advance, and PLEASE help
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    give it some more time and make sure they are getting enough water (not too much)
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    Drape some shade cloth over them to prevent sunburn on exposed branches. Some extra water would probably also help. When you see some new buds swelling fertilize them lightly.
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    superthrieve works wonders

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