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Please help with Honda motor.


LawnSite Senior Member
I just got slightly used Little Wonder edger with a Honda 4 H.P. You can tell by looking at the machine that its only been used a handful of times. It barely started and was flooded with oil really bad so I cleaned out the cylander and changed the plug. It now cold starts and runs like crap. I noticed someone was into the valves because the valve cover bolts had noticable marks from sockets. I don't have the specs but I popped cover and the seemed to tight so I backed them off about 1/8 turn and now it starts much better but not after its warmed and it still sounds like a damn Harley. I've never even seen a Honda run that crappy. I still think its valvetrain though. Some please help with your opinion.


LawnSite Gold Member
Did you drain the carb bowl? Alot of times when Honda's get tipped and get oil up above the piston they also get oil into the carb. Depending on how much...sometimes its so much they wont run at all, but it could make it run poorly as well.

I dont have the valve specs in front of me right now, but if you need them I can post them in the morning.

Bill Kapaun

LawnSite Senior Member
Albany, Orygun
See if the air cleaner was "oiled up" too. Sounds likely from your description.

I don't know the valve clearance, but make sure there is at least .004" on the intake and .006" on the exhaust. I think that's pretty close. An extra .002" wouldn't hurt until you get the actual spec.

Possibility of the muffler clogged??


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Proper valve specs. are .006 intake and .008 exhaust at TDC compression stroke.