please help with scheduleing with lawn maintenace ? really need help badly

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rats5656, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. rats5656

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    A another company in my town cuts 120 lawns per week. He start on monday with 30 lawns with 2 crews one crew with 3 guys and 1 crew with the him as the boss and his helper then he goes to tues day with 30 more and then to wedenday with 30 more and finally 30 more on thrusday.... he tells me that then he leaves friday for rain or some breakdown like a truck or a machine or a worker out sick or hurt then he is able to cut on friday to catch up from rain on any of these other thing . 4 days prior so now he is caught up before the weekend when every onewants thier lawn mow for parties and events at the property ...

    now if it does not rain during those 4 days then has 2 days to do mulch pruning weeding planting design work,estimtes ,pavers sod , etc...

    what you guys think of this way of cutting i like it alot why
    what other ways could be better ????????????????????

    iam trying to find the best way possible to schedule work PLEASE HELP AND SHOW YOUR WAY OF SCHEDULING SEND AND EMAIL RATS5656@AOL.COM ON HOW YOU DO IT OR HERE ON LAWNSITE

    what other ways could i schedule (1)spring cleanups and (2)fall cleanups (3) fert jobs .

    the way i do it now it i have 60 clients per year and start cutting on tuesday then wedenday,thrueday to allow for rain or a problem and do allother work on momday or friday or saturday 3 days lawn maintenace 3 days side work
  2. Soupy

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    a lot of customers like to be cut later in the week so I take Wednesday off as my make up day. If it rains monday or tuesday I can easily make it up without it delaying all my customers like your buddy would. If it rains on Monday he has to push every one back a day for the whole week. But my way only makes me push back the monday or tuesday customers. You get the point.

    Also if I see rain in the forecast for thursday or friday then I push thursday customers to Wednesday to get a head of the game.

    But of course this year I'm trying to pick up another days worth of work. so I have to decide if I want to fill Wednesday or Saturday with the new customers.
  3. rats5656

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    WHAT ABOUT cleitns later in the week that get cut on thruday and friday what do you do then so that if it rain on friday you dont havto cut on sat which clients donmt like..???
  4. Mickhippy

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    Good questions here! Its been raining here approx 10-11 days here out of 14. What do you lot do if it rains 1 or 2 weeks in a row. Or every other 2nd or 3rd day. I can tell you its absolutely stuffed all the mowing guys around here for the next couple of weeks. Point is that if we cant mow as per usual, the next chance we get to mow its at least twice as tall (or 10 times or more) as it would of been. Therefore takes longer to mow therefore takes longer to get back to the regular routine. I really feel sorry for the bigger guys. They are so far behind its not funny. The park I take my Rottie for a run is 4' high at the momment. They are pretty stuck up crew so maybe I should complain to the council. hehe. Kidding. I do feel for them. A bit!
  5. cos

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    Very good post!

    This would all depend on the person running the landscape biz. I know people that start Monday, like you have described. I think starting later in the week is better. Alot of the residentials like to be cut before the weekend. So starting on Monday, you can get the odd jobs done (tree work, landscapes, hedges, etc) then start Wednesday to Friday and leave Saturday open for anything that isn't done.

    I used to do all the commercials on Monday, Tuesday and then start on the residentials, and if anything was able to get done during the coarse of the day, then so be it. Not anymore.
  6. Soupy

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    rats5656, If I think there is any chance it is going to rain then I push them up a day. If the rain catches me by surprise or we just get hit with rain for a few days (like in spring) then you just do what's got to be done. My schedule is more for mid season when you might only get rain once a week. In the spring I am most likely cutting on my make-up day.

    Also if you get hit with rain your friday customers are not going to care if you cut them on saturday. I mean if they want their lawn cut on Friday, then they have to take the bad with the good.

  7. mulchmonkey2000

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    rats, A local lawn care company does something like you. They have two crews, one goes out and cuts tues-thurs. the other one does landscaping all week. The days that the lawn crew isn't cutting they help with the landscaping. If they have to mow b/c of rain they mow instead.
  8. little green guy

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    I cut thursday, friday saturday and do landscapiing the rest of the week. If we're realy busy or on a larger landscape job i will break up the crew and send guys to cut and guys to stay on the landscape job. In the summer we usually cut thursday/ friday and a little bit wednesday afternoon so we can take the weekend off.
  9. brucec32

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    I also schedule only 4 days of mowing a week, and I don't even have employee absence to worry about. I think not allowing for rain and other delays will cause reputation problems in the long run. Residential customers will forgive a lot and accept price increases easier if you always show up on time. Many have dealt with those who don't always show up on time and know it's worth paying a little extra for. As a consumer, I know I wouldn't want a lawn service that missed a cut every time it rained more than a little each week, or that showed up on Saturday when I'm trying to sleep or use the yard to relax.

    Depending on the forecast and time of year, I also try to let Wednesday be my off day. This allows me to get a break from the physical grind mid-week, which helps me be more effective Thurs/Fri. I spend that day doing maintenance, paperwork, running errands, making deposits, etc, so the days I do work I am just mowing. But if it looks like rain late in the week, I just mow em all before then.

    I don't mow on Saturday unless it's rained a lot and people understand that, but very few want a noisy mower going when they're home trying to relax and enjoy the weekend. When living at home during summers in college, my parents' lawn guy would crank his blower up at 8am Saturday morning. I swore I'd never do that, because I hated that #@@#$@! I also find Saturday's much less efficient since you have to stop and chat and deal with kids in lawns who don't have parents with sense to make them go inside, etc.
  10. little green guy

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    sometimes commercial stuff is easier to do on saturdays though becuase there are usually less cars and people on most of them

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