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Please help with this wall estimate


LawnSite Silver Member
North Jersey
Please look at this estimate and see if you can catch anything missing and price issues. I think the price is low since it was based on a cheaper block. I changed the detail but not the price yet. I still need to get an answer on the block cost and work out some details with the permit cost and possible excavating issue. What would you do different and how much would you charge?



LawnSite Bronze Member
58 a square that seems high. I would remove the warranty it is not worded in your favor. I would include that you are not responsible for damage to any unmarked utilities/electrical lines.


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I've been using Quickbooks since it was DOS Program. You can still print up an estimate using it, but theres not much room to type detail. Use it as a line item proposal, and use a regular word processing program to type up the bulk description. Most people use MS Word, but if you dont have it installed, almost all computers come with a default program called Notepad. It's the same thing, just without all the fancy features. If you just need a type written proposal, it works fine.