please i need someone to help me with the prices??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by john ATL, May 13, 2010.

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    i wanted to get some help with the pricing:

    EDGING- around the beds * 150 feet of edging
    * im also going to take dirt out of the edging of the beds and take it with me!

    Removal- 1 ilex tree and 1 holly tree 5 feet tall

    trimming- 10 ilex 6 feet tall
    8 ilex 4 feet tall

    * i am also going to take all the yard waste*

    - Stihl blower BR 420
    -2 Ames True Temper Pruning
    -2 spade shovels
    -2 Round Point Shovel
    - im also have a helper or worker
    - im using my ram pick up truck
    - rake, wheel barrow

    ** the work that i'm going to perform is in the Area of (Hamilton Mil neighborhood ) DACULA, GEORGIA

    please someone help me!!! as soonest someone can answer my Qs


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