Please ID this grass/weed and help me KILL It

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by angecarl, May 10, 2013.

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    I have a yellowish green grass growing thru out my bermudagrass lawn. I have taken a pic of the worst area in my yard (could not till this bc of irrigation and close to flowerbed) and have tilled most of it up and reseeded bermuda 2weeks ago. Please help me ID this grass and a way to get rid of it. It looks terrible as it stands out in the green berumda. I will be spot spraying because I have little patches of this grass in places. In advance thanks for your time and help.

    Pics are links, could not attach due to file size.

  2. RAlmaroad

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    Those photos are horrible. Can't tell anything from the distant shot which is purple. Individual pieces of grass are no good either. Get a camera and make sure the sun is on the grass, move into about 3ft. from a clump, get some very close up shots, especially where the leaf attaches to the trunk, and make sure they are clear and right color.
    How did you get those? Get a good angle (Position yourself) of the light on the grass from the side to about 45 degrees. We'll see. So far, it's almost impossible to distinguish from crabgrass to fescue to stiltgrass. We can rule out broadleaf though.
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    Love the fact....that you are looking for orange county farm supplies. They are located in Orange, Ca. They have a answer for everything.

    best wishes
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    MUCH BETTER, MUCH BETTER. Photos are very good. That about all the good news I can tell you. Does the area where the blade comes from the grass stem seem to have very fine white hair? Did the seed head have three fingers and look like a skinny caterpillar? If so, then I hate to tell you this but I think you have a major infestation of "Dallisgrass". Goggle it and check it out. What is your turf? If you have centipede, let me know. Otherwise, it is a very bad grassy weed to get under control.
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    5 years ago we planted kentucky 31 fescue. But have planted bermuda over past three and killed off fescue.common Bermuda is turf and mow at an inch so if its dallisgrass its never been tall.
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    Should it turn out to be Dallisgrass or it could be torpedo grass. Hard to tell until we see a seed head. Then, MSMA which is no longer available would be the best thing. Following with Revolver, Certainty is yet another products that is effective in Bermuda for Dallisgrass. Then Momentum according to UT.
    Mowing at 1" will help control it, but Dallis is a ground huging plant with those long branches from a rosette.
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    Looks like it may be Quackgrass. Unfortunately, there are no herbicides to kill this kind of grass like there are readily available for crab grass. You have a few different options to potentially get rid of this grass. One would be to use round up and just accept that ALL of the grass will die in that area you apply it. Another option would be to dig at least 12 inches deep and remove all roots. Apply mulch before recovering with new soil. This will prevent any more from popping up. Another option is to spot spray or spot sponge. Get a big sponge and spray Round Up on it and sponge those areas. This method has proven to work moderately OK. Hope this Helps!
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    Here in Mich we have it also. Here its called crab or quack grass. What we do here is buy a bag if this stuff and put it on in the spring and it won't grow or germinate that year. I think its called crab grass preventer. Stuff works great.
  10. RigglePLC

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    Tewitt is right. Lucky toxic chemicals are needed. Frost will kill it about November 25th. Crabgrass.

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