Please identify this "weed"!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MoGreen, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. MoGreen

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    I have this EVERY year. I am on the East Coast (transition area) and get this every year around late July/August. I killed my whole front lawn last year with Gly and overseeded. I did 3 split applications to make sure everything was dead-even the little bit of vinegrass which eventually died. The lawn came up excellent, and has been awesome all year up until now. I keep getting this!! I looks like a very fine lighter green grass (to me it's a W E E D) and comes in in patches all over the place!! Weed killers won't touch it because it must be a type of grass......?
    Please help me out. I posted a link to the album below:
    Thank You!!!!
  2. Kiril

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  3. MoGreen

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    Thanks for you very quick reply! I don't think so-here's why:
    It does not produce "shoots" that come out of the top of the plant, and the root system must be very shallow. I can pull it right out of the ground easily. It has a very soft texture to it, and grows in "clumps" around the yard. By clumps I mean it comes up in different places not spreading from one clump-it just comes up everywhere in the yard! I have had problems with this for 6 years. It's time to STOP it! It's pissing me off. :)
    My yard looks real nice, and I am very happy with the appearance. I have put a lot of work into it, and I am very proud of it!
    Any other suggestions? Thanks again!!
  4. Kiril

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  5. suzook

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    its hard to see in the pics, but could it be bentgrass?
  6. the_bug_guy

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    don't know about bentgrass but it ain't bermuda. thick blades are not a sign of bermuda..... maybe ric can help with torpedo grass. you get anyof that in maryland?
  7. milike

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    qwauk gras???
  8. suzook

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    the more i look at it, the more i think it might be zoysia.If it is zoysia, it will come back, even if you Gly it. You must dig all of it out. Zoysia is a b*tch to get rid of.
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    I'm with Kiril here, me too say Bermuda grass and its just "that time of year". Plus, I'm dealing with the same clump pattern MoGreen describes, comes up in different places but its not spreading and its not going to because much like I think MoGreen is doing; I pull it or paint it with round-up/MSMA before it has a chance :drinkup:
  10. MoGreen

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    Just got back from my local ag store. I took a sample into the man, and he said he thinks it looks like Nimblewill? He said he gets it every year as well. He mentioned that Tanacity gets rid of it. It turns it bleach white, then kills it. BUT, it's $300/gallon? I can't remember how much, just very expensive!
    I also took it to a neighbor of mine. He said bermudagrass too.......hmmm, what kills bermudabrass without killing my tall fescue? I don't feel like spending a lot of $$ on something he "thinks" is Nimblewill.
    BTW, shouldn't you guys be out cutting grass????
    hahaha. Thanks for you suggestions. Any other possibilities?

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