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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SydneyLawnCare, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. SydneyLawnCare

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    Hi guys, I am going to launch a service that is dedicated to servicing the wealthy home owner. It will be an all year round weekly service in which i PROVIDE all of the necessary maintenance services for the outdoors of the home. full maintenance lawn care, pressure washing, car washing, window washing, litter pick up, etc. All year round done at the right appropriate times of the year.

    I am marketing to 50,000 homes in wealthy suburbs with door hangers professionally designed and copy written. I will do a multi step campaign in which I will deliver 3 door hangers over an entire course of 6 weeks. One door hanger drop every 2 weeks. My call to action is 2 free fertilisations added to the service package if they sign up now. I am also offering a double your money back guarantee. They are very targeted door hangers for this audience and the same is for the website.

    They will go to the site, get drawn in by the copy and eventually put in a quote on the quote form. I will then give them a price depending on their property size and other small variables.

    Out of the 50,000 homes, i am aiming for AT LEAST 250 home owners to be signed up for this service. I am going to hire out experienced workers to do the work while I sit back and do the business ends of things as I am more accustomed to doing business management rather then the labour side of things.

    Could you guys please give me some response, feedback,etc. My questions are

    1) What do the response rates for door hangers with multi step campaigns vary from and what are your experiences?

    2) How much would you charge for a service like this? I am charging $380 minimum for the entire year. I am not sure if this is a bit pricey or not but in my city and the areas that i am targeting, there are high income earners that make $120,000-$250,000+.

    3) I am already in the process of doing all of this as I am about to launch the campaign so any tips on the website and sales conversion once they make an enquiry?

    Thanks a lot guys and I hope to hear back very soon! PS: I am 17.
  2. Jaybrown

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    $380 per month??? Week?? Definitely not $380 a year.
  3. krzys555

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    i take it your going to start prices at 380 for a year.
    with weekly service that comes out to about $7.3 a visits.
    on way in hell you can make any money at that kind of pricing.
    try starting at 2,000 per year for lawn care/litter pick up only.
    everything else is extra
  4. SydneyLawnCare

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    My apologies guys! I meant to say $380 a month which equates to $4560 a year. This is around 5% of the average after-tax income in all suburbs combined that i am targeting. I am making the door hangers very targeted to this audience in terms of design, prestige, risk free (double money back), value adding with fertilisations, etc. The site itself is very convincing and will have excellent design and copy writing.

    What are your thoughts/experience/knowledge on the response rate and on me aiming for 250 customers out of 50,000 homes? That is a 0.5% Success rate.

  5. Curcioslawn

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    If you are going to be legit an have insurance that's great. But if you don't can the washing car thing it would be way to easy to get blamed for scratches dents etc... also window washing will raise your insurance rate due to heights off the ground. For instance I don't offer gutter cleaning cause it was a 1000 bucks more a year.
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    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Not knocking your plan but what makes you qualified to manage 250 accounts right off the bat the first year even if you do have the help.

    You are pretty much saying that you are going to be dealing with over 1.1 million dollars in sales the first year! You gotta start somewhere and I commend you for your efforts, but jumping into a huge contract with wealthy customers is not a good idea in my opinion, especially being only 18. Wealthy people most of the time equal PITA!!!

    Also, I know no one that spends 5% of their salary on landscaping. Normally it's aroundn1-2%. I live in an area where people make 200-650k with 2-3 mil dollar homes and know formamfact that they don't spend 7000 on landscaping per year for just maintenance. It's almost like your blanketing a regressive tax on your POTENTIAL customers.
  7. GaryBK

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    I hate working for wealthy people. I have a lot of them and I probably have a higher turnover with them than my general population of customers. When I first started out I targeted them too. I find they are very picky. They are very demanding. And a lot if them are actually cheap. In not saying all of them. I have a lot of great wealthy clients who are great. But I would rather have two average joe customers than one bigger wealthy persons yard now that I have been in the business a long time. My 2 cents.
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  8. Will P.C.

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    You are 17 years old. Even if you land 1mil of jobs, how will you afford the trucks/equipment/credit line.

    double back money guarantee??

    Free rounds of ferti??

    Every other game in town is going to hit these wealthy clients as well

    Sit down with some advisors and come up with a realistic goal as to where you want to see yourself in one year. Keep the enthusiasm though

    I think many guys get into the business because there are no barriers. They buy a mower and print out a round of flyers and set out to take on the world.
  9. flyingdutch16

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    How can you expect your employees to do everything the way you want them to do it with out even being there and supervising them and actually working in the field?

    I can understand that established businesses can do that but you're a new company.

    Like others said go sit down with some one and make some realistic goals.
    Im 17 as well and no way can you start a business that big with out growing into it, and actually working in the field rather then just sitting back.

    There are companies out there that have grown to your goal of 250 and the owners are still busting there ass on a day to day basis to keep things the way they are supposed to go.

    All in all good luck, but you gotta get real kid.
  10. jsslawncare

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    Good-Luck and I hope it works out for you.

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