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    So 2 weeks ago i have 58 customers and myself and 2 other guys are cutting them each week and i'm paying a total of close to $300 in labor. Additionally, another $150 p/week is going towards gas and other misc expenses. My Gross for each week was approx $920 then less my labor/expenses i'm walking with approx $470 each week. Now get this, my guys were constantly blowing off work IE: showing up late, going home early, not showing up at all and etc etc. So i decide to offer them something different. Out of all my 58 accounts i compile a list of the most efficient route possible and i'm going to cut them myself. 80% of my list consists of easy commercial accounts with the remainder being easy residential. I take 31 account and then i make a list of the remaining 27 accounts. The remaining 27 account total a gross income of $408. I propose to my 2 hourly guys that rather than paying them $13 p/hour to work with me, that i'll split the 27 accounts at a 40%me to 60% them ratio. I STAY HOME AND THEY CUT THOSE 27. The only particulars are they use there own truck, gas, pay 100% of all negligence damage and 50% of normal wear/tear on equipment. Essentially, the guys rent my trailer, cut my 27 customers, make more money than they would hourly, spend much less time making better money because I'm cutting 31 myself, and i make money without the burden of them screwing me. So far so good, they have done quality work and have been more responsible. All the while i'm cutting my 31 accounts in a whopping 6 hours alone and netting 512 p/week. Now that combined with their 40% equals a NEW total weekly net income of $675. Is it just me, or was this business move a no-brainer??
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    :weightlifter: Your not charging enough!!! 408.00/27 = 15 per cut. 31 cuts in 6 hours, must be really small yards.
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    Yeah that does seem cheap and real cheap for commercial accounts, the average here is 30 - 35 bucks per 1/4 acre lot residential. Seems like alot of hassle to make 675 a week?
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    Why not fire them and find another guy and cut all your lawns with one guy. I dont know how your schedule is for the week but move some to monday & tuesdays. If that doesnt work then work longer days. What do u need 2 guys for when u only have 5? some accounts. I fired my main guy in March cause he did the same stuff your talking about. Hired another guy cheaper and get more production out of him then previous guy. But also hired another guy since my route got bigger and too much for 2 people and he works for $10 hour and good worker. Say both say bring it when it comes to more work and more hours. Gotta find the right people and its not easy.
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    if he can cut 31 lawns in 6 hours, why not just do them all himself and not have to pay anyone else? the other 27 lawns he can do in 5 hours.
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    LOL now thats "fuzzy math"

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