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Please Need Help


LawnSite Member
First of all i want to say i love this website, and thanks to all you guys that share your experience. I am thinking about buying the Exmark CT 18hp kohler with the mulching and striping kit or the Exmark hp 44" deck with the Kaw 17hp with striping and mulching kit or lastly the Walker Ghs Kohler 18 hp 42" I am a bit intimadated about the prices but can afford them as well. I want that well manicured look to my lawn, I am also thinking about cutting some grass on the side for extra money, when i can.
Would i be buying to much of a mower for myself and a few residential properties?
The price i got on the Walker 18 hp was $7,850
The price i got on the Exmark 44" hp was $6,199
the price i got on the Exmark 44" CT was $5,299
Striping kit for the Exmark was $249.00
The Exmark mulch kit was $145.00
Am i crazy or will one of these mowers get me better results and time over my neighbors lawn.

Mark McC

LawnSite Bronze Member
Two tips to consider:

1) buy as much mower as you can if you're serious about making money with it.

2) if the idea of making money is just a passing fancy, buy no more mower than you need to knock the job out.

If you can afford one of these mowers just to do your lawn, why bother to do it for money? If you're a hobbyist, stay a hobbyist. I don't do neighbors' lawns because I don't want to be badgered when I get home from work by someone who's just walking by.


LawnSite Member
mark, thanks for the reply, Im sure your right, Sometime i tend to overbuy or have buy alitle overkill.
Im not sure if i should ask this question due to the other guys geting bashed when asking about what type of lawn mower to buy for a residential neighborhood.
I would like to get a good one that stipes well but not sure what type. I dont think cost will be an issue.
Any replys will be helpful