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Please no more support emails


LawnSite Senior Member
If i close my browser and reopen it i will get an email from lawsite asking to visit their sponsonrs. Ok then i delete them and do it all over and there i get two more emails from lawnsite. Everytime i close and open my browser. It could be a hundered emails a day if i want.

I just have one question?

How many times do i have to visit these sites before i stop getting emailed to death. I have already visited these sites and will try to everyday if thats what i should do. Im not trying to be smart. I just think one email or maybe ten is good enough not forever.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Southern, Maine
Just though you should know, there is a email virus going around and everytime you check your mail it doubles then triples on and on you might want to do a check, our company was re-alerted to this from our internet provider. Also I belive there is a section on profile for you to recomend no mailing from site.