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Please post some trailer pics.

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I think I am going to get a new trailer. So far it will be an Open 16 x 6.5, 2' mesh sides, Tandem w/brakes on both, a cage on the front and gate on the drivers side. I will order Xtreme racks for shaft equipment as soon as they are available. I also will have the rear gate reinforced and maybe extended to 5'.

Have I missed anything? Please post pics of your 16' or 14' opens and talk about what works and does not.

Thanks! JT
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Here is my Trailer it not much but it works for me. The bridge ramp in front all custom made.
That's really cool. My grandfather said he wants a ramp on the front of his equipment trailer so he can haul a lawn mower in the bed of his stake-side truck and a compact tractor on the trailer.

Is that truck a 6.2 diesel?
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