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Please post some trailer pics.

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I think I am going to get a new trailer. So far it will be an Open 16 x 6.5, 2' mesh sides, Tandem w/brakes on both, a cage on the front and gate on the drivers side. I will order Xtreme racks for shaft equipment as soon as they are available. I also will have the rear gate reinforced and maybe extended to 5'.

Have I missed anything? Please post pics of your 16' or 14' opens and talk about what works and does not.

Thanks! JT
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One of mine, 16', trimmer traps, cage, etc
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Thanks jrc lawncare!

I like the ramps on the back gate. I guess the cage opens to the trailer side, most I have seen open to the front. its nice having the tubes there.

How much clearance do you have under the box from the deck?

Thanks, JT
I think about 2' or 30'', enough to sneak a 21'' under if necessary.....
Humm... 30" I think would clear the deck pedal on my ZTR. I will have to add PVC to the cage for sure.

Thanks, JT
I set the cage back enough so when you drop the rakes, shovels, etc in the pipes, they drop on the trailer floor. Cage is handy......:)
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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