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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Grass_Slayer, Oct 21, 2001.

  1. little green guy

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    Hey lawnboy, I don't think you need classes to know that fire and trees don't mix ;)

    and oh yah Grass Slayer, you think 5- 10 other companies is bad to compete with, try 200 thats how many are in my area. I'm not exagerating either, I know for a fact that thier are over 200 PROFFESIONAL companies, that dosn't include scrubs. .:eek:

    Anyway have fun cleaning that toilet paper up, maybe you can keep it and have a life time supply for your house, just think you'll never have to spend money on tiolet paper agian. :)
  2. Grass_Slayer

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    ok i dont go around talkin bout u guys or anything now do i?? guido u can lick mine. i have burt the paper out of my own trees before and it does not harm the trees. the paper is so flamable that the fire follows the line all the way up the tree. and its just a little bitty smolder, not a huge flame. oh and whoever said fire and trees dont mix. have you ever heard of yearly or three year intervals for stands of pine trees?? it helps pine trees to grow better!:blob2:
  3. lawnboy82

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    Grass Slayer, the only thing I can possibly think of in your reference to one and three year cycles in stands of pine trees is that they lose their needles on that cycle. Even that though I am not sure of. Now while burning is beneficial in large stands of forrest, in a residential area that does no good whatsoever to trees. If you wish to learn more about trees and what harm happens to them from fire damage feel free to contact me, so that I can help to put you in contact with individuals who are more learned than myself in the field of arboriculture.
  4. Grass_Slayer

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    i wasnt really talkin bout residential use. u just said that fire and trees did not mix. it really does help stands of pine cause it clears out all the needles, undergrowth, and promotes new animal and plant life. however it is not a good idea to try this on stands of hardwood!
  5. 65hoss

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    This is great. It may eventually become on the same level as "peeing in the bushes".

    I guess you could always "wipe it up". haha.:cool:
  6. lawnboy82

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    GrassSlayer, if a tree dies how can that be good for that tree? Fire kills trees. If it doesnt kill them then it at least does significant damage to them. In forrest areas they do not burn for the health of the trees. They burn for one, like you said to establish a new ecosystem. However the main reason they burn is in order to lessen the effects and damage caused from future forrest fires.
  7. Grass_Slayer

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    i guess u will have to prove me wrong, i'm not a logger nor o i claim to raise timber, but my next door neighbor does and my dad graded lumber for 15 years. i am more than likely wrong though, i usually am. that peeing in the bushes thing was really funny though.:D
  8. Scag48

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    Dang, this post is hilarious! Man, if somebody saw me burning TP out of a tree, I'd be shot on site. You're trying to be a professional and you want to burn TP out of trees?! That doesn't look very professional to me. Even the thing about pickin' up TP doesn't really show professionalism either, unless you had to mow the lawn and needed to pick it up. If it is a whole new service, I wouldn't advertise for it. It seems to me that if your customers want you to do it, you should for a price, but don't advertise. It would make me look stupid if I did in a town of 6,000 people. To me, it doesn't seem like you care what your professional image is to the people in your town, Grass Slayer. Try to improve your image, not going around and picking up TP for people.
  9. Grass_Slayer

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    it was just an idea i thought u guys might think it was funny! now i get my a$$ chewed out for something that happens a lot aroun here. i just wanted to make some extra cash, is that such a crime?? i probably wont do it anyway cause the cops around here might find it a little fishy they dont have much to do.

    anyway, i'm goin to bed, i got to go to school in the mornin. i wish i could have gone to the bbq to meet some of u guys, but we had a band competition in mussel shoals, al. i really would like to meet some of u guys!
  10. Lawn Dog2001

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    Grass Slayer Scenario:

    GrassSlayer drives down a residential street and spots a potential toilet paper removal job. He proceedes to knock at the door and ask the owner if he would like to have the toilet paper burned out of the tree for $5. The owner askes "Isnt that a potential fire hazzard? "Absolutely not" GrasSlayer exclaims. "Trees love fire. Im not sure there is anything better for a tree than a good burn". The owner decides to let Slayer do the work. Grass Slayer then goes to the tree, finds the lowest strand of toilet paper he can find, and lights it on fire with a lighter. After burning down the entire tree, two residential houses, and a detached garage, Grass Slayer collects his $10 and calls it a day.

    LawnBoy82 Scenario:

    Lawnboy answers a phone call from a customer asking about toilet paper removal. He tells the customer he will prepare a formal estimate within a couple of days. Lawnboy then calls his admissions office to schedule Toilet paper Removal 101, Intro to Toilet Paper Manegment, and Toilet Paper Removal as a Business. After completing this courses Lawnboy82 is now qualified to remove the paper. Lawnboy then shows up at the job. He then begins to put up a construction line around the tree. He hires to flagmen to flag cars by as he removes the paper. In comes a large bucket truck. Lawnboy then begins remove the paper, and calls in an asbestos removal team to properly remove the toliet paper. Lawnboy82 hands the bill to the customer for services rendered. $5812.56

    Please dont take this post to personally. After reading your posts these to scenarios popped into my head. Its meant for comedy, not to flame you both out, as I am by no means perfect.

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