Please reccomend a Stihl Chainsaw

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by recycledsole, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Patriot Services

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    I know I've seen a handle bar that clamps easily to top handles to give more control on the backside.
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  2. ducnut

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    I only have my MS180 w/16" bar and it has been plenty of saw for my operation. I used it, nearly every day, for five months, last year. My friend and I each have these (his is Easy2Start) and worked side-by-side. We only had to break out his MS290, on a few really big trees. However, I absolutely hate Stihl's Easy2Start, as it's absolute garbage. When he would accidently flood his, we couldn't get it started. E2S only cranks the engine a certain RPM, no matter how hard you pull the rope.
  3. recycledsole

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    Thanks, but if get a lesser saw I want it really light.
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  4. ducnut

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    Every component that makes up a saw has a certain amount of weight to it. When you get down to the smaller machines, there isn't going to be much more weight to take out of it. Keep taking weight out of the parts, you start taking out durability.

    Most saw manufacturers use a certain chassis for each group-level of machine. At that point, they're only changing bore or stroke dimensions. Pistons and cranks don't have that much variation, so going down to the smallest engine size may only result in a few ounces of weight saved, because the chassis the saw is built on may be the same for the next 4 engine sizes up.
  5. retrodog

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    Ms is a full pro saw and new. One of the lightest full size pro saws out. I know its shocking at $549, price point, but its your biz saw. Get one and never look back! Dont get a heavy med grade saw or a cheap homeowner saw take my advice....
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  6. jkilov

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    You want something that can cut 24-30" of wood and be used for in-tree service ... not possible but I guess I could recommend a compromise:

    From Stihl:
    - MS250: 45 cc, 3 hp, 10.1 lbs, $350
    Not a bad saw for the price. I don't like the plastic housing and non-adjustable oil pump but as long as it cuts wood it's fine by me. Go for 14" bar.

    -MS 241 CM: 43 cc, 3 hp, 10.4 lbs, $550
    Basically the same package in a professional saw, well worth the extra penny. I don't like the single bar nut and the dreaded M-tronic (electronic carb), it kinda like an EFI without FI. These saws can be hard to restart after a heat soak due to the sensor sending wrong info to the ECU. Go for 14" bar.

    - MS 201 CE: 35 cc, 2.4 hp, 8.8 lbs, $680
    After I bought the MS200 my other saws haven't gotten much use. It's really the best small saw ever made, not perfect but as close as it gets. Unfortunately the 200 is gone and rumor has it the new 201 is lacking a bit. Apart from being overpriced the problem with the 201 is you can't order one without the "crap" features which add weight. Go for 12" bar

    From Echo:
    - CS-500P: 50 cc, ~3.5 hp, 10.5 lbs, $450
    For the money this is the best saw you can get. Why? Because it's not an Echo but a Shindaiwa 502s. Shindy made the most durable but low power/weight saws out there (360, 488, 570, 757). They finally got their act together just before the merger with the 389s, 452s and 502s. Sadly this is the only one left but it's nearly all metal and high quality components. Probably better than Stihl but very few people know it. Go for 16" bar

    From Husqvarna:
    - 543 XP: 43 cc, 3 hp, 10 lbs, $500
    As a brand I don't like Husqvarna but their saws are considered by many to be on par if not a tad above Stihl. You get everything with this saw, magnesium case, Mahle cylinder, Walbro carb, adjustable oiler, high power/weight and no nonsense features. Go for 14" bar. It's probably the best saw of the bunch if money is no object and my personal recommendation.
  7. Mobius396

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    The 1st batch of 201's were really dogs. Stihl listened to the complaints and tweaked them. They're rippers now. Some say they're even better then the famed 200's.

    Stihl also makes a kit for the first 201's to bring them up to speed.
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  8. recycledsole

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    thanks guys I appreciate it.

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