Please recommend a blade sharpener!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KB, Jan 8, 2002.

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    I am a part timer and have been cutting for the past two years. I have about a dozen residentials. I currently use a hand held angle grinder to sharpen my blades but have a hard time putting an edge on them. I know that I might have to pay for the convenience, but I need something that is good, quick, and easy to use. Time is very important to me since this is actually a second job. I want to look into various sharpeners and since I do not know much about them, want to make sure I do not miss any. All that I have ever heard of is the RBG (?). Please make recommendations of what you think I should check into, or what you would buy if it were you. Thanks!
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    Right now 12 views of this question and no answers. Bet 10 of them thought "This has been discussed so much, what can I add?"

    Put "blade sharpener" into search box, and you get dozens of threads, with probably hundreds of comments. You'll never get that much info by asking this question again. Start reading the oldest threads first, thiose are where everyone posted. You'll ususally get most of what you need in the oldest 3 or 4 posts, but checking newer ones can get more current info. (Could also search for "blade grinder")

    Results of "Blade sharpener" here
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    Take a look at one of Lawnsite's supporters Magna-Matic. They make a nice blade grinder. Just click on the Magna-Matic sign at the top of this page.
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    Just got the Mag 8000 universal with balancer & WOW. Going from my old sharpener to this was like switching from a belt to hydro. Easy, precise, & for the first time my curved mulchers have a clean edge all the way across.

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    You can convert a radial arm saw into a blade sharpener for next to nothing. Only problem is that it doesn't turn in the right direction to sharpen Walker blades, so as long as you don't have a Walker mower you'll be OK. All you need is a Radial Arm Saw that has at least a 2 hp motor, a scrap piece of channel iron to use as a tool (blade) rest, and a blade sharpening stone. The dust collection system is optional (and reccommended). Just turn the head on your saw so the blade is like the pic and mount the stone and you're in business. I would reccommend getting a stone from Maga Matic as they are much faster cutting than any I've found at Home Cheapo. With a little practice you'll be using blades that you can shave with. See Pics.

    blade sharpener 001.jpg
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    Here's the dust collection system

    blade sharpener 003.jpg
  7. mowerman90

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    All I need is some shaving cream

    blade sharpener 005.jpg
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    Just got mine yesterday, got it from Preco in Mass. Hope it work good. Still waiting for the Grit Collector.

  9. TLS

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    There are a few good dedicated blade grinders out there, but the one that I like the best is the Brandlein Machine
    Fireball 300c

    It has a commercial duty 1hp motor with a 10" grinding wheel. Lets just say, when your sharpening a blade, its REAL
    busy under there! Just a few strokes and your done!

    They have an unrestricted grinding path. No rear posts to get in the way when sharpening those long edged blades.

    They aren't cheap, but they are the best. Not much more than a comparable RBG. Make sure you step up to the 300
    series, as the 3/4hp is just slightly underpowered on the real thick (< 3/16")blades. Make sure you get the diamond
    wheel dresser, its a must have, shouldn't even be an option!

    Give them a call, the owner is a real nice guy, a real straight shooter, no BSing. They have some dealers around, but
    got both of mine direct from the factory.
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