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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JFizzle, Jul 19, 2007.

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    So I've got these deadbeats that I did tons of work for last year. A couple in their late twenties, live in a huge house, both drive brand new BMWs.
    I sent them a bill in november for the work done for the previous few months and never heard anything. I've contacted them monthly since then and they keep saying that they owe less than the 500.00 they were billed for. I tell them all i need is some proof of payment - they keep saying "ill mail it to you." but i never get anything.
    Now last week they are saying I didnt even do the work.

    I have not mentioned collections or late fees to them in the past but feel that i have contacted them enough to go straight to it.

    Please give me some suggestions on this letter or anything else I should do.


    Mr. and Mrs. Edwards,

    As you know, our company did a substantial amount of work in your yard last year. It has been several months and the work still has not been paid for. I have contacted you several times and received no cooperation in resolving the issue. I have not received any proof of previous payment or even a phone call.

    The easiest way to resolve this matter is to provide proof of payment so that the current balance can be adjusted, then paid in full. For your convenience I have included a self addressed, stamped envelope.

    If this matter has not be resolved by August 1, 2007, I will send the bill to collections and small claims court if necessary. You will then be responsible for paying the amount owed, a late fee, and any processing or court fees.
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    Should I also add something about me having proof of the work done? ie records, photos, witnesses.
    Would that scare them a little bit more?
    (I really do have that stuff)
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    Dear Home Owner Couple,

    The following invoices are long overdue:

    Inv. Date Due Date Inv. Amount Balance
    07/17/2004 09/01/2004 $27.00 $6.00
    07/23/2004 09/01/2004 $27.00 $33.00
    08/02/2004 09/01/2004 $27.00 $60.00
    08/06/2004 09/01/2004 $27.00 $87.00
    08/12/2004 09/01/2004 $27.00 $114.00
    08/21/2004 09/01/2004 $27.00 $141.00

    Please contact us immediately regarding this situation.

    Unless we hear from you in seven days, we will turn your account over to our collection agency. Obviously, this would have a detrimental effect on your credit rating.

    We must hear from you soon or be forced to take action. Please send your payment in full or call us to discuss the matter.

    Landscaping Guy
  4. lawnMaster5000

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    do not mention anything about them having proof of payment or you having proof of the work done. That is something you can deal with in court if it comes to that.

    if you dont hear from them in seven days go to and file a collection package.

    You do need a signed contract to be able to collect.
  5. JFizzle

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    You do need a signed contract to be able to collect.[/QUOTE]

    Is this required in every situation?

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