Please review my product selling at WW Grainger for fall cleanups

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by slapon, Aug 23, 2012.

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    How about going through a professional web page developer? There's and TeamWebUSA gave me a quote of $1,500 for a five page layout.
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    I copied the post below from the other forum because I'm trying to keep all of the discussion regarding the Slap-on attachment on a single thread.

    First, you're bending over and paddling leaves in the loosely held bag, not very good on the back. Not the case with the Slap-on product. You sweep or rake the leaves into the bin like you would a dust pan, except this receptacle has a 23" square opening to collect the debris. Second, you only have one free hand available to paddle the leaves in the bag (the second hand is required to hold the bag). With the Slap-on attachment, no paddling of leaves with a single hand is necessary. Instead, you have a leaf rake or other appropriate tool available to forcibly sweep or push leaves or other debris into a bag. That's why you're able to fill a 55 gallon bag in approximately 20 seconds with the Slap-on attachment.

    Third, because your feet need to remain in place to hold the bottom of the bag flush to the ground, you've lost all mobility to move around your area to collect other leaves or debris to bring over to where you're attempting to bag them. Not the case with the Slap-on attachment with the receptacle. You're free to move about to gather sufficient quantities of leaves or debris to continue your bagging. Fourth, as you indicated, because the bag is freely held, the wind and other factors could interfere with your ability to keep the bag sufficiently open. You're left fighting with the elements. That is not the case with the Slap-on attachment and the receptacle. The bag is enclosed and secure along the complete wall of the receptacle. That means you have an opening that is 23" square that goes approximately 30" deep to the base of the receptacle. That's quite a large collection bin.

    Fifth, because your bag is loosely held, it is difficult to compact the leaves in the bag to get the bag's full value in capacity. That is because the bag tends to give where there is least resistance Not the case with the Slap-on attachment and square receptacle. Because the bag is enclosed by a solid walled receptacle, the bag has nowhere to give. That maximizes your ability to compact the leaves. I'm sure others could name some other advantages, but those are a few I thought of off of the top of my head."
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    I was lucky enough for Eric (slapon) to ask me to try out his product for him last year, about this time of year actually. I was a little skeptical at first, not really seeing too much value in his product. But I figured I didn't have much to lose just to test out his product for him and see how it worked and give him a litle feedback. After using on and off for te past year, I have definately found value in the product and think he has come up with quite a unique invention.

    When I do clean-ups, I have way too much material/debris (leaves and grass) that for the most part it just wouldn't be effiicient for me to dump my bagger into plastic bags and then throw them on the trailer, only to empty them out of the bags later on...I'd have way too many bags and I use a compost site at a family member's farm. However I really like the slap on for when doing detail work such as when trimming bushed and cleaning out leaves from flower beds. I don't mind using the plastic bags then since it would just be a couple bags to empty at the end of the day and it's way easier than getting the mower off the trailer and blowing the debris into the lawn and then mowing it all up. It also works great in the shop/garage, keeps the bag on the can and not dropping down into the can.

    I had been talking back and forth with Eric for a while about compostable bags/liners that would fit my trash can and slap-on attachment. He was pretty quick to do a little research and find me some bags recently that are fully compostable. I have yet to order them but they appear to be exactly what I would need. Since I don't use too many bags, the price wouldn't be an issue, but it definitely would be something I would use.

    There are surely some uses for this product and I can see many people finding a use for it. But like every product, it may not work for everyone but there is surely a market for it.
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    I still have no idea what this product looks like in use. Are there any pics anywhere?
    You'd think the OP would have them plastered all over this thread.

    The flash site doesn't work and so far all I know is that it's some sort of clippy thingie that goes on some sort of "special" can to hold a bag in place.

    How large are the bags/can?
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    The attachment works on Grainger's 48 and 55 gallon Tough Guy square receptacles, product #s 5DMV5 and 6YLP6. The item number for ordering the can liners from Grainger is 5XL60. They are 42.5" wide by 48" long, 1.1 mil in thickness, low density, and 56-gallon capacity can liners.
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    Well, I tried to upload the pictures. I chose my files and clicked on upload, but it didn't take. I'm obviously not doing something right, so I'll have to get some help from one of you.
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    Ill stick with my leaf loader and 10 yard leaf box. I havent used a rake or tarp in 15 years.
    Blow all the leaves in a pile, suck them up and go. Like I said your product would be great for home owners with small properties but us commercial guys have to move many yards of leaves off big properties. Time is money and Im not going spends days raking leaves into plastic bags at each property.
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    I'm like you in that there is too much volume in leaves, but I see that bush trimming is an area where it would work for me.
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    i cant get your website to come up at all, just a blank red screen, so i cant tell if this is something i would like or not, seems like a good idea(like my run on sentence?).

    also, if they fit the containers that you say, they are like 300 bucks, so no way . give me some better links to see exactly what you are talking about here.

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    Sorry for the multi-quote. I realize this is a problem with my web site for some. It's based on Adobe flash, and, if you don't have the most recent Adobe reader, or if you're working from a Mac, you might not be able to see the pages. I'm getting that changed shortly. I recently tried posting pictures and it didn't work for me. If someone could help me understand how to post pictures, I'll post some pictures here to help you out.

    I'm suggesting the 48 gallon Tough Guy square receptacle from Grainger, product #5DMV5. It sells for around $52. Shipping is free if your order is large enough, which I believe it will be.
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