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    MD of Oregon, you are one of the guys that I want to thank for getting me as far as I am with this site. As I mentioned in some of my other posts for dreamweaver help I didn't know anything about web design or the programs I used to make this site 2 months ago. This site is obviously a work in progress and that is why I am asking the people who know web design to rip it. Thanks again for your help.
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    Looks good! simple and easy to read, great graphics. looks professional.
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    This is telling the spiders that you are adding a new meta tag


    This is directing the tag to the robots or spiders


    This part is telling the robots you want them to "index" your site and "follow" your links.

    By changing either part to "NO INDEX" or "NO FOLLOW" you are telling the robots you do not want them to index or follow your links.

    The robots tell the search engines about the content of your site. This will directly reflect where and when you are indexed.

    Here are 2 additional tags for this purpose:

    <meta name="revisit-after" content="5 Day">
    <meta name="classification" content="Home - Garden">

    The first tag is telling the spiders that they should revisit the site every (5) days. That is real often and you probably want 15-30 days. The robots will want to see changes every time they revisit.

    The second tag tells the spiders what category to list your site in. This helps the search engine's decide where to list your site in their directories.

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    Thanks guys for the "ripping" of my site and thanks for the complements as well. I really do appreciate your opinions and criticisms and hope to make the site better with everyones help.

    We have had a death in the family, 38 Y/O with a 5 Y/O son and 3 Y/O twins so I may not be able to do much with the changes for a week or so. Or at least until things slow down a little.
  5. Team-Green L&L

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    Sorry to hear about your loss. I send my condolences. May God bless you and yours...
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    Interestingly, in light of spidering or indexing, I entered a search on Google today "Mt. Fuji flowering cherry" and discovered that the page I made about 30 days ago, is already on on page one of the search results.

    The page was not submitted to Google.

    Actually, my stats show that other people found it on Google, over 2 weeks ago.

    Amazing how fast brand new pages can be spidered and indexed without any code whatsoever.
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    For the contact page I would put an actual form so people don't need to open their own mail client. You have a Guestbook form so why not a mail form. They are pretty simple to do especially if your using Dreamweaver. You have a space above "Ferk-Tek's Turf Tips" if its in its own table change the background to black. You may want to try experimenting with changing the table border to "0" also so you don't have that line coming out of the bottom. Other than that it looks great. Its simple and I can find everything I want with ease.

    I'm a web designer and know little to nothing about landscaping I'm just helping some people build their sites. But I will say as a potential customer I'm looking for 1. Price, or a form to submit an inquiry or set up appointment. 2. Pictures of your work. 3. Contact Info. Everything else is just filler. You did a good job though, maybe some more pictures.

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    Fellas, thanks for your suggestions. I will revisit my website posts soon. As I mentioned in another web site post we have had a death in the family and I have been busy with all that surrounds that. I will be back soon to address your suggestions and most likely ask for help with some of them.

    Thanks again for everyones help in all that I have asked for.

    God bless Rob Corrigan.

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    OK, form mail is up and running. I will mess with the formatting later.

    Could someone suggest how to open up a link in a new browser? I tried to do this yesterday and although it did open a new browser window with the controls I wanted, something wierd happened. When I closed that new browser window I found another page under it with the same link, and I had to use the back navigation to get back to my site anyway. That was the whole point in opening links in another browser to make sure the visitor had to end up within my site by closing the new browser window.
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    I think I've seen a couple of ways that people open a new window.

    With Dreamweaver, I hightlight the words in the code view section, go up to Insert and choose hyperlink.

    Then I select "blank" which inserts target="_blank" in the link tag.

    Or you could just add that in by typing it, rather than the computer automatically doing it.

    Worked well for me so far.

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