Please tell me about your Gravely or Woods ZTRs !

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by creekside, Jul 26, 2001.

  1. creekside

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    Hello Everyone,
    Have really enjoyed searching and reading the posts on this site. I tip my hat to every admisitrator that makes this available. Now to my situation. I am just a common schlepp who has been lucky enough to be able to marry a wonderful woman and finally afford a place in the country (12 acres total) and will be cutting about 2.5 acres. The land lies relatively flat except for an area that is about 250 ft. long with a 10 ft. face at about a 20 - 25degree angle. We would like to change our 5 hrs. of lawncutting down.
    I have combed through just about every brand ZTR available to me in my area and am coming real close to making a decision. I have found out that just like in everything else, you can go hog wild with spending money on these machines. I will be putting about 40-50hrs. on it each season. I really like the Woods M2560Z ($6850) because of the flexing front axles and suspension seat for a good ride (some others that I test rode bounced me alot), and the hydraulic deck (esp. for the wife, yes she loves to cut the grass -lucky me!). It has the 25hp Kohler and the 60" deck. I do know that Gravely makes this machine- it is the Gravely 260Z in a different color.
    Please share your experiences and thoughts with me, good or bad......let me have it!
    This will help confirm my decision or sway me to reconsider.
    Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. Administrator

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    I always had good experiences with all Gravely equipment.

    Chuck Keough
  3. Albemarle Lawn

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    We have two of these machines, a 72" and a 60."

    The 60 is great to operate. The 72 can feel underpowered and cumbersome, and it is easy to do some ugly scalps until you learn it. The hydrualic deck lift is great. Nice floating seat with armrests.

    They are very reliable, and have had no problems with hydraulics.

    The only problem is that the machine cannot take much impact. The front arms can bend, the electric PTO is vulnerable to during tailstrike, and deck support arms can be bent if the deck is crashed into something.

    We put about 500 hrs per year on each of these. I don't know why you only plan on 50 hrs per season- we do that in two weeks. How do you expect to pay for these machines at that leisurely pace? You may just want to buy a used machine for low hour use.

    The Kawasaki motor is now available. I tested one and it is much stronger than the Kohler.

    Our next ZTR's will be Kubota ZD21 diesels. Shaft driven decks, but about $9000++.

  4. CSRA Landscaping

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    Ken, I think he's a homeowner, talking about using one of these beasts to cut his 12 acres. Having it posted here probably made it assumed that he was an LCO.

    With that said, all I can say, Creekside, is that the big boys around here seem to like Gravely so that seems to speak well about them to me.
  5. LJ lawn

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    from NJ
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    i just found a nice used diesel machine by woods.actually it's a grasshopper with woods decals. 54" shaft driven deck. after trying/owning a lot of different machines i think this one is one of the smoothest riding machines out there.(my opinion).i can't say pos/neg about the kohler 25,but i would think it would be a little underpowered with that engine.i looked for a long time before i found mine with the diesel.they also make some cool attachments -snow blower and heated winter cab,dozer blade etc.
  6. creekside

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    Thanks ]lawn,
    The diesel w/drive shaft deck sounds great, I might ask the dealer about the cost. I am just a homeowner and it may be a little too much $ than I want to spend. About the power, my other option is a Toro 61" w/a 23hp Kohler for $6900. The reason I am considering the Woods over it is because it is two more hp for about the same size, rides better and Toro parts are more expensive. I will look closer at the power during a test run.

    Your'e right....I couldn't make a darn bit a $$ at 50 hrs/season ! Jeff is correct I am just an average Joe wanting to cut my 5 hrs on Sats to less. I am cutting about 2.5 to 3 acres. I am glad to here that you are not having any problems @ 500 hrs though unless you run that deck into something. Are you saying that because of the front arms bend because they are supposed to soften the ride, but because of that your PTO is stiking the ground?
    About the bending support materials, maybe the deck support design is poorer than other brands or the metal is weaker. I did not notice anything visually but will definitely get my head in there and look. One of the dealers told me about the Kubota, that does sound like a fine machine for a LCO, the price may come down in a couple of years as other manufacturers make a competitive design.
    Thanks much,
  7. Catcher

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    I don't know anything about Graveleys as we don't have dealers closeby. However, I think I can give you some input on the Woods.
    I am a homeowner mowing about 2.5 acres, with one very steep slope and a lot of trees/ obstacles. This is my first year with a zero turn. I bought a Grasshopper 618 which is very similar to a Woods 6182. It's a 18hp Kohler with a 52" deck. It used to take me 3+ hrs to mow every time plus pushmowing and trimming with a whip. Since purchasing the Grasshopper I cut it down to 1hr and was able to sell my pushmower; not to mention that the lawn has never looked this good. One reason I chose this particular model from the wide variety of mowers out there, is it's front-mounted deck. If you aren't a LCO who has to do a lot of trailering, it is very worthwhile to look into this design. I love the easy access it gives you to clean and maintain your deck. It also allows you to use your tractor for attachments like snowblowers, blades, etc. while giving you a better cut vs the mid-mounts.
    At first I was worried to purchase a 18hp with 52" deck; I was going forth and back between it and a 25hp with 60". Now that I've used it for a season, I'd buy the same thing again. I may consider going to a 20hp, like the woods 6210, it has a nice Kawasaki motor, but for my terrain I'd stay with a 52" deck. It allows me to reach tight areas and get inbetween obstacles. To be honest, I actually liked the Woods a bit better, but bought the Grasshopper because the dealer seemed to be better.
    Before you shell out the bucks, give the front-mounts a good looking over, you may be pleasantly surprised.
    Good luck.
  8. Albemarle Lawn

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    ...and enjoy your Saturdays.

    Put the money into an investment, then hire lawn care to do the work.

    Sorry I read your post so fast I didn't even realize you were not in the business. Just assumed everyone here is an LCO.

  9. creekside

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    ...doesn't really bother me, I kinda enjoy it. If I wasn't mowing I would probably be spending the money on something else to entertain myself while still paying someone to cut my lawn while I am out spending the $$ to have fun ! Who knows, I may even think about getting into the biz if I like it too much ! :D

    Does having that hood over the engine make a diffference to you as far as cutting down on noise and heat? It seems like it did when I heard one run.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences about your 260Z. That model and the Woods M2560, which is the same and I am contemplating purchasing seems to have a lot of bang for the buck. Premium suspension seat, hydraulic deck, flexing front axles and a cover over the engine, and one of the heaviest gauge decks out there, and they have the same type anti-scalp rollers up front than all the others have (got rid of the ones they were having trouble with). All for the same price as the Toro 62" without the above features. The test rides with my wife are going to be the deciding factor.

    Lined up are the Woods M2560, Toro 62" and a Bobcat.

    Ride on !
  10. edward hedrick

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    I use a Scag Sthm Gravely makes a similiar model PM-310.
    The do better on slopes and hills and are easier to drive than
    a Z rider. also easier to work on deck

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