Please Tell Me What You Guys Would Do!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LetsGoMow, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. LetsGoMow

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    I Just can't get over this... The old lady is tired of hearing it every time so please tell me what you guys would do. There is a retired man who lives a few houses down from me. He used to have his yard mowed by a college kid and now another company (1 man solo). Both of them do a HORRIBLE job. It's a simple yard...Mow, Trim, Edge, blow, and go. The guy who currently mows just throws the fallen branches either into the tree or behind his AC (Why doesn't he take them!?!). He does not trim, edge or blow...simply just mow. He leaves patches all over the yard. Also, his blades must be super dull because the cut quality is trash. The Yard is small and on the corner. The guy only does one pass on the sidewalk area (with his mower it should take 2). There is literally a strip left. I have put multiple Door Hangers/Flyers on his door when his grass is in need of mowing. The hangers/flyers are extremely professional. It list everything (Name, Lic/Ins, etc.). I also listed a super low price just to do the lawn some justice. I have even gone knocking on his door. The retired man told me he already has a lawn guy and gets a great price...$65 a cut!!!!

    Please let me know what you guys would do? What should I do? Should I just drive the other way in the morning so I don't pass this hack job yard? How is that lawn guy still in business? Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :dizzy:
  2. easy-lift guy

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    You have done everything you can. The customer has your contact info. When and if he contacts you take care of his lawn. Don't waste any more time, you really have better things to do. Or at least you should.
    easy-lift guy
  3. jsslawncare

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    If it's bothering you that bad, go cut it for free.
  4. kwwolfe

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    I agree. If its that close and not a big deal, I would offer one free cut. Take before and after pictures for him to look at. How does your price compare to person doing it now?
  5. tonygreek

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    I agree with the others. See if he'll accept a free we can watch the other LCO show up on here and start his own thread with..."I Just can't get over this... The old lady is tired of hearing it every time so please tell me what you guys would do. Some LCO, who lives by one of my customers, lowballed me and gave the guy a free cut to steal him from me!" :)
  6. LetsGoMow

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    Thank you guys so much for the quick replies! Haha yeah I should have better things to do. I just drive by it every morning since its at the front of the neighborhood. I am anal when I cut a customers yard and love for it to look its best. All of the yards I have in that neighborhood range from $35-$45 a cut. The few for $45 are larger than the yard I am talking about in my post. I put $25 on the hanger for the guys yard and told him $20 in person. He is a vet and lives at home with just his dog. He rarely comes outside. I think I will take the advice of doing it for free. It will take me half the time of the current guy and would be a 10x better job. :)
  7. Chuck Norris

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    Wow man $20 to cut a corner lot? Lol

    I know you have others in this neighborhood but when you break it down per yard and then price this guy's yard at $20 I don't see how there is any money in it for you.
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  8. Sprinkler Buddy

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    That's what I'm saying. Do it for the Vet and self gratification.
  9. LetsGoMow

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    Yeah. Just because it frustrates me. It is small though. I would price it at $35 normally so I thought $25 would get the yard and $20 I would be doing him a favor. He pays $65 for a hack job. I have 3 bi-weekly accounts on the same street anyway so it would be easy for me.
  10. LetsGoMow

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    I would be more than happy to do that! :)

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