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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by paramountadvertising, Sep 17, 2006.

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    He may have gone up on his prices since he did ours. We paid $900 total for . We were quoted $2200 for basically the same site from this local company. and $2100 from the owner of So either you’re to low or I still got screwed from a lo-baller. And before I get bashed for the flash intro… I know it’s slow. And if you’re still dealing with a dial up than that’s your own problem.
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    I'm not going to say whether or not you got your money's worth, my opinion doesn't count there, only yours.

    However your Flash into is very poorly coded in that it creates a solid "barrier" to the rest of your site for the search engines.
    If you look at some of my other posts where I mention seeing what a search engine sees. This is how a search engine sees your site:

    The Pool Medic - Flash Intro
    The Pool Medic Introduction

    That's a barrier your designer should have dealt with by coding a "robots follow" tags into the Flash html trigger and other barrier pages so the search engines would get to your content (search engines can't "see" Flash or similar except like above)
    But it gets worse:
    Here is your "home" page...the one after the Flash:

    The Pool Medic - Home Page

    So the way he coded the home page it has a keywords tag but the density analysis you see me refer to often in threads is 0% for every word.
    The site is invisible to the search engines for all practical purposes.
    Your pages like "about us" are visible at low % numbers so if I was you I would submit to the search engines and not
    Those vistors would miss the Flash but at least you would get some search terms and more visitors.

    I used your keywords and searched for "swimming pool service tomball tx" which is far more specific than the average web user and I couldn't find you on Google. Your site is listed there (if I search for the domain name so it has been submitted), but have you got enough traffic to make back your $900 (web site only-no saw other ad then went to web site...just web site) plus whatever you pay for monthly hosting?
    The entire purpose of web sites is to make money so that answer should be "yes" within a year and clear profit after that.
    The Flash into is OK but you have to ask "did/does it get me more business (look at your stats to see how many people click "skip intro", you may be surprised how many people won't watch that long)

    Also my ad blocker (Firefox default) blocks three sets of ads from that intro, I don't know if you really have ads or those are something the designer embedded in the Flash. But it's blocking:
    on both the intro and the page with the pool cleaning mouse-over.
    I don't know what those are but more people are using more blockers these days (IE7 is supposed to catch up with Firefox when it comes out) so if they are important they are being blocked by modern browsers.

    Probably the coolest thing is the move mouse over to clean the pool deal...It wasn't I said if you are happy & making money...but if I was a "pool guy" I'd have a home page with that on it instead of the long Flash intro.

    Anyhow, you know what it was worth to you, and if you are happy I'm happy for you, but I wouldn't recommend any designer that uses Flash (or anything for that matter) in a way that makes your default pages invisible to the search engines.
    I would assume most people expect that when paying any amount for design.
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    Im looking to have my site redesigned to the follow theme with some changes made. Im going to have the picture changed to something more for lawncare. Also will extend the black border on the left to include some cartoon looking grass as the links. Tell me if you like or not.

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    Hey Joe,
    I have bought 10k postcards a year and I like to see some example of the work somewhere.
    The font on direct mail page is small.
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    Turf Troll,

    After staring at my page, I really do not like it at all. I will be making a new site that incorporates everything, easier to use, plus a better look.

    I keep hearing the same thing about everyone wanting to see examples of my work. But why doesnt anyone need examples from companies like Im just more curious than anything.

    Also, I spent the last hour putting together the following design that is attached. Please let me know if you like this one better. So far I do. The pics at the bottom are not ones Im going to use, just samples right now.

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  6. mdvaden

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    If somebody based their fees on less than $50 dollars an hour, I'd be skeptical.

    That's one criteria that I'd recommend.
  7. Turf Troll

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    vista who, Joe your savey enough to know your going to have to test your site -like testing a mailing you do it till you find one that works.
    But if I'm not mistaken more people put the best examples they can up to entice people to buy from them, then companies who put no example .
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    The new look is more professional than the old one if you are targeting the "green" industry.
    As for examples, I'd suggest using them in combination with testimonials so you show what the work is the customer was so happy about. Would show off examples AND give added credibility since a lot of sites "make up" testimonials and everybody knows it.

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