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    New shoes for the dump trailer. The OEM towmax just couldn't handle this trailer. Hoping these new G-rated tires offer much more durability and piece of mind. ~14k combined rating vs now a 16,400lb combined rating for a 14k trailer. Plus I like the tread design better.

    Tires and wheels shipped to my door for $800, I'll take it! But this trailer should have these to begin with.

    New vs old


    Old and new IMG_5164.JPG

    Good riddance

    Looking good!
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  2. PLLandscape

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    It's been a ridiculously busy year for me and it's taking its toll on my brain. Especially when this is how I lock my trailer.

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    Lol nice. I hear you brother, Ive been doing little stupid things like that for the past few weeks. im ready for winter to reset. (if we dont get a lot of snow)
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    Loving the enclosed trailer. Along with the dump trailer, one of the best purchases.

    The zero turn mower, not so sold on it yet. Don't get me wrong, it cuts great and much faster. It just literally beats the crap out of my low back. The bumpy lawns make it worse obviously but man it's a harsh ride. Almost makes me wish I would've done the 60" turf tracer with another pro slide. Standing all day isn't easy either but my legs ate up the bumps much better.

    Stuck with it for now but if I need another I may be looking in a different direction. Maybe even a stand on.
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    This client just keeps feeding me more and more work. This is the 4th job on the property with one more in the works. Might be simple jobs but they pay.

    Just a small deck pad today. Lots of excavation needed with elevation changes so not just your simple slap down some 4x4's with stone.

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    Doing some financials tonight and I'm up in sales by 36.4% this year to date compared to last year with more work coming in. I mean my overal numbers are probably someone's fuel and maintenance bills but that's ok.

    I'm really bad at keeping up with this stuff but I need to to see the overall picture. But the increase in sales has sure made my back feel it...... ha.

    Makes me want to look for more work to crush that percentage.
  7. PLLandscape

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    Goodbye leaves. I don't think I've ever seen such high lift mulch blades.
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  8. PLLandscape

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    One more equipment surprise coming this weekend.... Any guesses?
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    Leaf sucker?
  10. PLLandscape

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    Yes indeed. New 18hp BillyGoat. Picked up a large leaf account and the little 5hp one I have now just is not going to cut it. Pick it up this Saturday and hopefully starting a job Sunday putting it through it’s paces.

    I debated on the 35hp unit as the YouTube videos show those just crushing leaf piles but I’m not that deep into leaves and I think I could find other places to spend that extra $3000+ for that unit.

    I’ll try and sell the little loader but may end up just keeping it for the odd jobs if I can’t sell it. As in I have one account where they put in a fence that backs up right to the woods. Currently I place the wheeled blower at the gate blowing into the woods and just push the leaves in that direction with a backpack. Probably could used this loader to just suck em up and throw them over the fence right from where the piles accumulate.

    Just like that wheeled blower, I’ve been wanting this upgrade for years. I felt this to be an appropriate year for the purchase. Hope it works as well as I think it will.
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