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    Good purchaseThumbs UpThumbs Up
    In combination with your mower your capacity and speed will go up
    Working smarter not harder good on the back:weightlifter:
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    I think I’m trying to give myself an anxiety disorder and find myself divorced by taking on this job at the end of the season.

    Running a 2’ paver border around their new deck. The pavers were an afterthought and should’ve been installed first but whatcha gonna do. They want it done and write checks for it.

    It was a good day being able to get it dug out (thank you John Deere excavator) and the base stone in (thank you John Deere tractor). Finished in a light rain which stunk and made everything a mess.

    I’ll need to fine tune the base but it is dead level across the length minus the end of the curve which needs to meet up with the existing patio. So hopefully a couple more days of adjustments then laying and cutting pavers.

    And finding the time to do so.

    F7DC1B98-65F9-4DAA-8648-D00CBD22B449.jpeg 2EA3A340-443A-43D0-8185-FE4199B6E625.jpeg 0AA55FD8-AF7B-4343-B7B5-A0FDF1598705.jpeg 8A9811AB-D8CA-4074-8A6C-D320482349F8.jpeg FCF41A75-42DC-4AFE-8753-6813AD39FF60.jpeg
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    Feeling like fall....

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    Had to go a distance to get this as other dealers had their thumbs up their rears. Thanks to Brodner Equipment in Rochester for being one of the easiest purchases I’ve ever made. Also, what a deal on financing. 1.9% for 48 months and nothing due until May of next year!! Increased efficiency with no need to pay it until it’s busy season again!!

    Now to get it all set up and try it out!

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    We've bought most of our equipment from Brodner. Great place, very helpful.

    What did it cost you out the door?
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    Too much. Loader, hanger, and taxes somewhere in the $4300 range.

    I found three dings on the exterior of the loader exhaust stack that are rusted. Not too happy about that. Emailed pictures and said I wasn’t too happy and should’ve checked it over. Awaiting their response. Drove a ways to get this and feel like I picked up a scratch and dent item. I know this loader will be put through the paces and scratched up during Its lifetime but a brand new machine should not have that. I hope they do it right and also not make me drive the 3 hour round trip for anything.
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    That doesn't sound bad price wise, I've been quoted 3800 to 4100 without hanger...
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    So I hung the loader on the trailer and fired it up today. Immediately I realized I needed a completely different leaf box set up. The loader I previously used threw the leaves into the trailer whereas this one blasts them in there! I basically copied the setup BG has in their videos. I need to seal up some of the gaps between the 2x12’s as stuff will come flying out of them otherwise. Might have to rework the tarp too

    Made quick work of dry leaves but I have a feeling wetter ones will be a different challenge. But what a difference in terms of shredding and loading. Glad I took the plunge. Now to get some additional work to what I’ll already have this fall. I’m hoping some of the places that filled my trailer quickly will now be better condensed.
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    As I expected, Brodner will be replacing the part. They will be “shipping” it to me when one of their trucks is up my way which happens frequently apparently. Until then I’ve been told to use the loader until the part shows up. That’s a great business to work with.

    They have been a first class business to work with. From the initial online quote (other dealers didn’t even reply to inquiries), to the sales, and finally the pickup. I did some of the leg work with the financing only because I needed to make sure first, but I basically showed up on the agreed day, they showed me the loader and operated it, signed paperwork, backed up to the loading area, and was on my way within 15 minutes. The only negative.......I wish they were closer!!

    They had one of those full trailer units from little wonder. Said it was $30,000 and that they sold it days after it arrived.

    Time will tell with any needs I have with them but they’ve been one of the best dealers I’ve ever dealt with.
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    I think I’m all set. Now if the leaves would just start changing colors. Can’t believe how green everything is still.

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