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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by steveair, Oct 16, 2001.

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    we had a post about plotters the other day and just wanted to see how you did....Paul I guess is the main person here.

    I just ordered a HP 750C from a place called Lorand industries on the web. Brand new, in the box, with a 1 year warranty that inlcudes 'at home' servicing.

    for 2195, no tax, i got the plotter, stand, roll feed, cutter, ink, and some free paper. I called the place up a few times and told him I was thinking of another brand, and he sweetened the deal by giving me free shipping (180 from CA).

    I thought it was a good deal. Know I look forward to getting it up and running. I'm very excited to have large format printing.....hopefully it will pay off in future sales.

    The 750 is no longer carried, as I believe it is replaced with the 500. I looked at the 500, but from what I have heard, it is not as heavy duty, and more of a 'graphic' type plotter. They say the newer generation HP's are not as well build as the older models. Not surprising with how things are going in the computer industry.

    Seems the big thing these days is a most of the machines are being made for graphic printers, with high resolution, but much slower, and also, they use a LOT more ink, which means more expenses.

    It was interesting seeing all the new stuff they have, but confusing at the same time. A lot of choices. Hopefully this one will work out for my needs.

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    We haven't ordered one yet, looking at office space right now. this is going to be a decaded work station. I did order the 21" moniter, and the tablet stand (42" X 48") did that eat up room in the office:) next stop is the plotter, the pen plotter I have still works but you talk about slow!

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